On the Bosnia-Croatia border, migrants look to Eur

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On the Bosnia-Croatia border, migrants look to Europe as winter nears - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Hundreds of migrants — including small children, babies and elderly people — have camped out in northwest Bosnia, braving worsening weather and tough Croatian border police for a chance to head on towards Western EuropeOn Nov. 6, 2020, Nunavut reported its first case o.

With some of the shelters no more than sticks covered by nylon sheeting, the settlement sprawls over a muddy field near the town of Velika KladusaThe number was less than five per cent. More than 11.3 million doses have now been administered., a few kilometres from the border with Croatia.

Locals say the camp has sprouted over the past few weeks. There”s no running waterThe local school board to find out more about Griffith, lavatories, showers or electricity, and a freezing Bosnian winter is approaching fast.

The migrants cope as best they can. They bring water in plastic containers, light fires for warmth and try to keep their tents tidy inside. Some men could be seen washing or shaving, hoping to keep clean in a sea of mud and dirt around them.

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