Cisco continues to rank as Gartner wired and wirel

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Cisco continues to be listed as the leader quadrant of Gartner's Magic Quadrant report on wired and wireless local area access infrastructure

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today's network requires us to make decisions faster, resist more security threats, and manage unprecedented mass connected devices. At the same time, enterprises from all walks of life are moving towards full digitalization, giving birth to new opportunities in all industries

full digital technology can help retailers create an omni channel experience, and actively interact with online and in store customers with the help of positioning awareness. All digital technology can help doctors monitor patients remotely and predict problems faster with the help of analysis technology. In the field of education, all digital technology can connect different campuses, provide a fair environment for students, support them to freely access learning resources and obtain more personalized education experience

if enterprises want to successfully migrate to the digital world, they must make network investment. It is the network that connects all digital things, and it is the key to the success or failure of all digital. Network is your first line of defense, and also the only way for you to improve efficiency and strengthen cooperation. It will lead you into the IOT and cloud world

Cisco provides an intention based network, that is, the relevant orders of new energy vehicles show a very strong growth momentum. It can achieve erudition, know everything, and insight for your use, so as to provide customers with increasingly intelligent networks. This network makes full use of Cisco's fully digital network architecture (DNA) and first-class wired and wireless products to provide a solid foundation for this network

gartner pointed out that Cisco continues to be listed as the leader quadrant of Gartner's Magic Quadrant report on wired and wireless local access infrastructure

since Gartner launched the Magic Quadrant report on wired and wireless local area access infrastructure in 2012, Cisco has been ranked as the leader quadrant, which proves that Cisco has both a long-term vision and the executive power to transform innovation into practical products

report details

figure 1 Magic Quadrant of wired and wireless local area access infrastructure

Cisco has always been at the forefront of network transformation by continuously introducing unique functions. For example, SD access fabric provides an innovative way to apply a single consistent policy across a large wired or wireless network. The catalyst 9000 series switches are built for purpose based networking. In addition, Cisco has joined hands with apple to bring the best experience to IOS and MacOS users through features such as fastlan2013-2019 biodegradable plastic packaging market demand maintaining an average annual growth rate of more than double digits E and rich customer insight

through continuous innovation, Cisco has always been at the forefront of the industry and continuously consolidated its leadership position


flexible radio assignment feature automatically adjusts your wireless network to meet higher capacity requirements

mobility express supports controller free deployment of wireless networks, which perfectly combines the convenience and economy of deployment

Cisco's connected mobile experiences (CMX), hyperlocation and Cisco beacon point can provide near real-time analysis and interaction through accurate positioning with an error of less than three meters. Cisco beacon point supports advanced navigation and proximity marketing with virtual ble beacons that are easy to deploy and manage

Cisco's advantages are not only reflected in our product portfolio and the scale of Cisco DNA, but also reflected in the stability of Cisco software definition access (SDA). SDA can work together with other network services, including Cisco identity service engine (ISE) and Cisco steelthwatch, and can effectively solve the problems of IOT segmentation, encrypted traffic analysis and end-user security. Similarly, with the expansion of the switching product line, Cisco is confident in the high performance of Cisco catalyst 9000 series, which is also regarded as an important advantage in the report

these powerful wired and wireless product portfolios and software will ensure that your business is moving in the right direction. Cisco can continue to be an industry leader, which is well deserved

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