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Guangdong cabinet · jiayoulai cabinet and wardrobe is the first manufacturer in Chongqing to truly use Lushuihe E0 grade plate

Guangdong cabinet · jiayoulai cabinet body plate is comprehensively upgraded to Jilin Forest Industry Lushuihe E0 grade plate, and Chongqing is the first manufacturer in Chongqing to truly use Jilin Forest Industry Lushuihe E0 grade plate. About Lushui River: Jilin Forest Industry, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1998, and one of China's four major forest industry groups, Lushui River is the most distinctive green wood-based panel brand. It is famous for its green environmental protection, large scale, good quality, advanced technical equipment and other characteristics. Many businessmen in the market say they use brand boards, but according to our survey, the actual use is less than 1/3 and 1/5. The real Lushui River boards, especially E0 grade boards, There are the following anti-counterfeiting signs (special reminder: Lushui River itself produces E1 grade boards and E0 grade boards). This time, we are the first manufacturer in Chongqing to really use Lushui River E0 grade boards

distinguish between true and false: fluorescent dark label anti-counterfeiting, four insurance distinguish between true and false

first: look at the letter of authorization

manufacturers will issue letters of authorization to businesses with stable cooperation (as shown in the figure). Businesses without authorization have no contractual relationship with manufacturers. Then, where did the board come from? They didn't sell it to you

Guangdong cabinet ・ jiayoulai cabinet, wardrobe, the first manufacturer in Chongqing to really use Lushuihe E0 level

step 2: look at the list of cooperation published on the manufacturer's official website (this can also preliminarily distinguish whether E0 or E1 level is used). The letter of authorization is easy to fake, PS, and even expired. However, the official website of the manufacturer is updated from time to time, with a delay of up to months. Well, we can see that the following manufacturers have announced the brand names they cooperate with on their official websites

for the manufacturers that use Lushui River of Jilin Forest Industry 100%, the official website of Lushui River has specially divided a section to publish the list, so as to avoid mixing with the E1 level merchants using Lushui River, so that customers can better distinguish

step 3: look at the signs (E1 and E0 can also be clearly distinguished)

in order to prevent some brands from entering only some boards for authorization and the website list display, and the remaining boards use other boards to pretend to be Lushui River, the anti-counterfeiting signs are set - E1 level: clear signs, weak anti-counterfeiting

e1 marks are bright marks, that is to say, they can be seen directly. The marks are the following marks (as shown in the figure). You can see that there are actually two marks together, E0: dark marks, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting, and strong anti-counterfeiting

e0 grade mark is actually the same as E1 grade mark. However, E0 grade mark is not a clear mark, but a dark mark using anti-counterfeiting technology, which requires fluorescent irradiation to display (as shown in the figure below). Then, this technology is much more advanced than E1 grade mark, because the clear mark only needs to make a 20000 steel plate, which can be repeatedly pressed on paper of different colors. The hidden label must be added when printing paper. As we all know, different brands have different colors, so we need to make different printing cores, and the color of paper is from three tons (more than 6000 boards can be pasted) or half a ton. However, the manufacturer will charge thousands of yuan a ton. The domestic paper is more than 10000 to more than 20000 tons, and the imported paper tape is dark marked more than 30000 or even 40 million tons. If you want to make a fake, you need to press so many papers for one color. Thousands of colors are circulating in the market, and the cost of making a fake is too high. Therefore, the dark label basically eliminates the vast majority of this part

even if it is genuine, it is also an E1 board

step 4: each set of query (at present, the system of Lushui River of forest industry has been very perfect in Beijing, but it is still under construction in Chongqing, so it will take some time for Chongqing to use this function)





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