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[Erica whole house customization] the small fresh decoration style has a natural and pure, simple and refreshing, elegant and aesthetic literary taste. For modern people living in urban forests, the small fresh home decoration style is like a breeze blowing on their faces, making people comfortable and relaxed

small fresh home is natural and simple, casual, elegant and not publicized. It uses simple colors, fresh decoration and unified elements to create a warm and comfortable home for literary and artistic petty bourgeoisie

in this duplex case, the large-area blank space does not appear boring, which stems from the implicit texture of the cultural brick wall and the freehand freshness of the green plants everywhere. All the decoration is hidden in the sense of changing layers.

the living room takes the light blue sofa as the main seat, two armchairs as the auxiliary seat, with a low tea table and a low side table, and a wooden three legged floor lamp beside it, giving a simple and relaxed atmosphere

there is not too much sense of decoration in the office area, except that the desk and desk chairs are green plants, which create a special sense of freedom.

the restaurant simply places a log dining table, and the white and gray dining chairs can be used as a supplement to the sitting utensils in the living room at any time.

from left to right, the kitchen is arranged in turn with the bar table + Zhongdao Table + cooking table, and the transition of cement wood cement table is consistent with the moving line of operation, bringing a full sense of hierarchy

niches are built at the forks of the stairs to display small potted plants and books. With the contrast of natural light, the narrow space also has more vitality and interest

the washing area is divided by the mirror and wood veneer, and the shelf is used as a simple storage. The wash basin pipe is not hidden as a bathroom cabinet, presenting a simple and clear pattern





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