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Italian furniture brand Alevi, which was born in 1913 under Medici, contains the essence of history. Time passes, and a hundred years of glory will not fall. Alevi believes that the attitude that connects happiness and luxury is to accept with a heart like a valley

100 years, let things change, enough to turn the sea into a mulberry field

100 years, how many names have been submerged in the tide of history, and what remains is classics

Fratelli Allievi, an Italian furniture brand under villamedici, was born in 1913, which contains the essence of history. Time passes, and the glory does not fall. Its existence makes us firmly believe that there is a power that can stand at the top of the world calmly and proudly forever

after a century of development, Alevi furniture is not only not old-fashioned like ordinary old brands, but still influential today because it has absorbed various fashion cultures. Alevi believes that only by embracing new things with a heart like a valley is the attitude that connects happiness and luxury

no matter the magnificent peony in Liangyuan or the enchanting rose, in Alevi's furniture, the flowers are the same with the lingering fragrance and the ever-changing knowledge, showing themselves and shaping perfection

Alevi, who is famous for his "rough carving style", usually uses worn polished finishes supplemented by gold foil decoration. At the same time, some details are treated with luxurious crystal and mother of Pearl inlays, showing us the top handicrafts from Brianza, Italy

without the brilliance of jewelry and the domineering of luxury cars, it still makes its owners have an unspeakable pride and pride, which is the charm of Alevi furniture

women who like Alevi have a special charm, temperament and taste. They regard cultivation as their highest pursuit and realm, and advocate the natural expression of temperament and taste, which is also like the charming temperament precipitated by Alevi over the years

about Medici:

Villa Medici, hereinafter referred to as "Medici", is a company invested and established by windbird group, specializing in world-class household products. Medici has the agency rights of more than 50 Italian furniture brands, including Italian furniture brands such as carpanelli, Ezio bellotti, Fratelli Allievi, and core zari, which are well-known in Europe and internationally. Acting products include Italian furniture, lamps, floors, tiles, home textiles, jewelry and other household products

note: the Italian furniture brand Fratelli Allievi was founded in 1913. The logo of the company is the remarkable four letters of Faaa. In addition to the abbreviation of the company, it also contains another meaning: f:free freedom. A: Amenable responsibility. A: Ameliorate is perfect. A: Advance advance. Alevi selects rare wood such as superior cherry wood, takes its natural texture and carves it manually, paying attention to the practicality, comfort and artistry of the product. Alevi always represents the top manufacturing technology of Italian art furniture, and reflects the extraordinary charm of classical furniture with rough carving

as one of the oldest furniture manufacturing companies in Italy, Alevi furniture company [1] was founded in 1913. At that time, its founder, Mr. fradri Alevi, was only a freelancer, but he had amazing talent in furniture design and production. At his sister's engagement ceremony, he designed and made a makeup table, which was appreciated and resonated by many people, Therefore, he started the design of furniture and founded Alevi company under his own name. The symbol of Alevi company is the four letters of Faaa, which means not only the abbreviation of Alevi, but also another meaning: f:free freedom. On behalf of Alevi, the design is not constrained by time and trend, and always maintains its own unique style

a:amenable responsibility. On behalf of Alevi, he is responsible for every work he makes, so that the rights and interests of every customer can get the best return

a: ameliorate is perfect. On behalf of Alevi, he constantly improves himself and presents us with the most perfect home

a:advance advance. On behalf of Alevi, he inherited the ancient skills and continued to move forward on the road of perfect furniture

Alevi believes that "only when all works are more perfect can they not be submerged by history and be preserved". Under the supervision of this thought, Alevi has continuously improved and absorbed the essence left by time for nearly a century. They seek inspiration from the sculpture art of the Renaissance and the 18th century, and are good at using rough lines to express the different charm of classical furniture

different from the delicate, luxurious and pompous expression used by the upper class at that time, Alevi pursued natural harmony more, was good at preserving the most primitive patterns of trees, and was deeply loved by the celebrities at that time, making Alevi famous as a top furniture brand. In terms of material selection, Alevi selects rare wood such as superior mahogany, designs and builds it with its natural texture, abandons the excessive constraints of the royal family, and adds ingenious metal decoration to create romantic and elegant luxury furniture. The products designed by freolivier are not only of high artistic value, but also pay great attention to practicality and comfort, which appropriately reflects the harmonious beauty between furniture and nature. The unrestrained visual impact makes the temperament of classical furniture more in line with the needs of modern people, and is also recognized by more and more elegant gentlemen

Alevi, with nearly 100 years of history, has been representing the top manufacturing process of Italian art furniture for nearly a century. In the imperial period, elegant furniture represented status and power. Today, luxurious and elegant furniture also represents temperament and success. In 2008, Alevi launched a series of furniture called "esimia", which deduced the natural posture contained in elegance to the extreme. In front of "esimia", you won't have a sense of distance like in front of any European furniture, but naturally want to sit on its sofa. It reveals an unprecedented sense of intimacy and comfortable character, but it can't hide the noble and elegant posture. It is graceful, delicate, gorgeous and casual. This is the charm of "esimia" and the essence of Alevi

if famous cars and jewelry are irresistible, the same luxurious furniture will also fascinate people's eyes. Alevi proved its immortality with time and witnessed its classics with quality. It is like a mellow vintage of the times, thick and long, with an infinite and lasting aftertaste





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