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Painters who have been using ordinary primer for the first time came into contact with sealing primer, and they couldn't help but sigh: it's too late

painters who have been using ordinary primer for the first time came into contact with the sealing primer, and they couldn't help but sigh: it's too late

what is the sanctity of sealing primer

sealing primer is a kind of primer, also known as the first primer. It is composed of low molecular weight and high permeability resin, which can better penetrate into the interior of wood, closely combine with wood fibers, and form a dense sealing coating after curing

four functions of sealing primer


sealing wood

the sealing primer forms a dense coating after curing, which can fully seal the chemicals, moisture, grease and other substances in the wood, and well prevent the film defects such as yellowing, discoloration, whitening, delamination and so on in the later stage of the coating

schematic diagram of closed bottom penetrating into wood


hardened wood wool and wood thorns

it is difficult for sandpaper to effectively remove flexible wood wool and wood thorns when grinding furniture blanks. After the sealing primer is applied, the wood wool and wood thorn fully absorb the paint liquid. After complete curing, the wood wool and wood thorn change from flexible to hard and brittle, the sandpaper is lightly brushed, and the wood surface changes from rough to smooth instantly

↓↓↓ 20x enlarged view

white billets

after spraying the closed bottom


anti deformation and anti cracking

wood is a biological material, and its structural anisotropy leads to its mechanical anisotropy, so it is easy to produce the phenomenon of wet expansion and dry shrinkage. Sealing primer can isolate the interior of wood from the outside air, prevent moisture absorption and moisture dissipation of wood, and prevent deformation and cracking of furniture


improve the coating quality

the sealing primer has excellent permeability, which can not only have a good effect on wood, but also improve the coating quality. The main performances are as follows:

● make the properties of the wood surface tend to be unified, and provide a very good interface for the subsequent coating, so that the intermediate primer can fully wet the catheter, better spread, level and dry

↓↓↓ comparison of wetting and leveling effects

blank → sealing → primer

blank → primer

● it is convenient for Grice to wipe and paint. After coloring, it has a strong three-dimensional sense and a more uniform color

↓↓ comparison of coloring effect

● after the sealing primer penetrates into the wood surface, the air in the wood pores can be "driven away" to prevent bubbles in the subsequent coating, and at the same time, the adhesion of the intermediate primer can be effectively improved

● after the sealing primer fully penetrates into the wood surface, it combines with the wood to form a dense coating. At the same time, it can provide a "lift" effect on the dry coating and prevent the problem of paint film subsidence




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