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Bathroom design scheme under 6 square meters

spatial layout

due to space constraints, additional functions will be omitted, and basic functions are indispensable. Therefore, in terms of space layout, of course, we should first consider the preparation that can meet the basic needs, so as to save and make full use of the limited space. Some measures can be taken to broaden the narrow space: for example, light colors can be used skillfully in color, mainly white tiles with simple texture, and matching with black-and-white Zebra Stripe tiles can expand the space visually; The selection of bathroom products focuses on functionality and makes the most effective use of limited space; Wonderful use of a mirror, a mirror of just the right size, plays a role beyond your imagination. It can often double the space while meeting the washing function

configuration selection

also for the sake of rational use of space, the selection of bathroom configuration is a great test of the host's wisdom. The mirror cabinet and the bottom cabinet are full of bathroom furniture, which can hide the trivial things such as facial cleanser, toothbrush cup and razor commonly used in the bathroom behind the mirror. At the same time, other washing and cleaning products with a longer service cycle can also be neatly stored in the small cabinet under the basin; The split toilet with a small area saves both land and money; Bathtubs with a length of less than 1.5 meters are often deeper than ordinary bathtubs. Due to the small area of the tank bottom, it is often a more space-saving choice. In addition, such as wall mounted shower faucet, corner table top, single hole washbasin faucet, etc., which saves space and is full of modernity

in the selection of materials for necessary configurations such as washbasin, faucet and storage rack, transparent materials can also eliminate the limitations of small space. The glass washbasin and the brown transparent skirt of the bathtub can all become exquisite objects that set off the glittering and translucent space; The metal bracket and shower nozzle can become the texture fulcrum that highlights the whole modern space; The glass tiles on the main wall can become a readable picture to stimulate the owner's imagination of life

8 square meter bathroom design scheme

spatial layout

8 square meter bathroom has enough space to place bathtub and shower room, but the overall layout needs special consideration to avoid congestion. It can be distributed according to different needs, and the dry and wet separation can be basically achieved. You can also consider putting it into the dressing table or dividing a dressing space. From the perspective of specific layout, the setting of some sizes is extremely exquisite. The best distance between the bathtub and the opposite wall is 1 meter, which is a reasonable distance if you want to move around. Even if the bathroom is narrow, leave room for walking when installing the bathtub. Generally speaking, the distance between the bathtub and other walls or objects should be at least 0.6 meters. Install a washbasin, which is convenient to use, and the space required is 0.9m × 1.05 meters, this size is suitable for medium-sized basins, and can accommodate a person to wash beside

configuration selection

bathroom cabinet: bathroom cabinet is the furniture with the strongest storage function in the bathroom. According to the different needs of families, the bathroom cabinet styles provided on the market are also diverse. In addition, because the space on both sides of the bathtub is irregular and difficult to use, a storage cabinet with appropriate size and specification can be customized and installed here to maximize the use of space. Of course, you can also choose other storage cabinets and put them in the bathroom for storage. You can also decorate the space, but you must be waterproof

makeup mirror: the mirror in the makeup area is different from the mirror in the bath area, with smaller specifications and relatively more exquisite. After washing, make up and tidy your appearance here directly, without returning to the dressing table in the bedroom. In addition, the light in the bathroom can't meet the needs of light when making up, so the matching make-up lamp is essential

chairs: the bathroom with an area of 8 square meters can also accommodate some simple small furniture. Take a chair and put it next to the bathtub. You can put bath towels, hang clothes, and pile magazines. Chairs should be waterproof. Wood and rattan can be considered. Chairs suitable for use in the bathroom should have no armrests and be easy to move. In addition, laundry baskets and potted plants can be considered in the bathroom configuration

12 square meter bathroom design scheme

spatial layout

when you have a spacious bathroom, you can design it according to your own preferences. You can set up a luxurious bathtub reflected by the whole glass wall, full of hazy poetic lights, comfortable and pleasant green, comfortable and leisurely rocking chairs and other facilities in it. You can also integrate the bathroom, dressing room, slimming and bodybuilding room into the bathroom for a multi-functional design. It brings convenience for slimming and fitness, and also provides a good space for enjoying a healthy life

configuration options

for a 12 square meter bathroom, it can be installed with a Jacuzzi, a multi nozzle bathroom, an automatic temperature regulating faucet, a large area of face washing and dressing table, an electric hair dryer, a shaver, a large bath mirror, a hot-air hand dryer and a female body purifier, etc., which also has more than enough space. Thermostatic ventilation and communication facilities can also be installed. This kind of toilet can be roughly divided into open layout and interval layout. Open layout is to arrange bathroom, toilet, washbasin and other sanitary equipment in the same space; The interval layout generally integrates the bathroom and toilet into a space, and allows the washing or makeup area to be independent, so as to organically divide or reorganize a space





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