How to choose wooden doors during decoration

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Door is the first feeling of a room. It is not only powerful, but also decorative. There are many kinds of doors in the market. How can we choose and buy doors when we are decorating? What's the difference between different kinds of doors

1. Solid wood door

the inner core of solid wood door is made of natural logs after drying through a series of scientific processes. These natural logs include walnut, cherry, maple, beech, hemlock, spruce, Manchurian ash, southwest birch, etc. after processing, they are not easy to deform, not easy to corrode, and have good stability. At the same time, they have good sound absorption and can effectively isolate noise

the price of solid wood doors is also determined by the logs it uses. The logs used are precious and have beautiful lines, so the price is naturally higher. When making high-grade solid wood doors, there are strict operating standards. After drying, the moisture content of the wood generally does not exceed 8%. It is precisely because of this that the made wooden door is not easy to deform and crack, and its service life is also very long

solid wood doors have natural wood lines, rich natural flavor, and great texture. The carved solid wood doors have gorgeous shapes and diverse styles, which can play a good decorative role

2. Solid wood composite door

the inner core of solid wood composite door is made of pine, fir or some filling materials, and the outside is pasted with solid wood veneer or density board. After high-temperature hot pressing process, it is then sealed with solid wood lines. Solid wood composite door has the characteristics of heat preservation, not easy to burn and good sound insulation effect

solid wood composite doors have a variety of styles and shapes, with different styles, which can meet different decoration needs. The high-grade solid wood composite door has a smooth feel, soft color, durability and environmental protection

3. Molded wood door

molded wood door is made of two pieces of high-density fiber molded door panels pressed by machine. The door panels have various shapes, and the doors produced are also rich in styles. There are even door panels painted with primer. After purchase, the owner can paint the door into his favorite color. The middle of the door panel is hollow, so the sound insulation effect of the molded wooden door is poor. Molded wood doors have beautiful appearance and affordable price, which are the doors that many people will choose. However, it should be noted that molded wood doors are afraid of moisture, and moisture-proof work should be done well

4. Steel wood door

steel wood door is made by covering the surface of density board door with a thin steel surface, and then pasting a layer of honeycomb paper on the steel surface. The price of steel and wood doors is relatively low and the construction is fast, but some steel and wood doors that are not handled well have short service life, are easy to rust, and the steel surface is also easy to deform





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