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Yunnan Lijiang Qihe wind power project booster station civil engineering and electrical installation construction project bidding

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from China power bidding (), it is learned that the bidding for civil engineering and electrical installation construction of booster station of Yunnan Lijiang Qihe wind power project is in progress. For details, please see the following:

1 Bidding conditions

the bidding project has been approved for construction in december2014 (yfgy No. 1745). The construction funds are from the project company and bank loans. The project contribution ratio is 20%. The tenderee is Longyuan Lijiang new energy Co., Ltd. on the structure and daily maintenance of spring testing machine. The project has met the bidding conditions, and now the civil engineering and electrical installation construction works of the booster station of the project are subject to public bidding

2. Project overview and bidding scope

construction site: Gucheng District, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province

construction scale: 50MW

planned construction period: 214 days (may, 2019..11.30)

bidding scope: the 110 kV booster station of Qihe wind farm is located in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province. The planned capacity of booster station is 50MW. The central control building and auxiliary buildings of the wind farm will be completed at one time according to the final planning, and will be used for the production, office and living of the booster station and the wind farm. The seismic fortification intensity of the booster station is 8 degrees (0.30g). The main contents of civil works include: Comprehensive Building of booster station, distribution room and its auxiliary plant (the total area is about 2102.76 square meters, and the actual area shall be subject to the bidding drawings); Equipment and framework foundation; Leveling, enclosure, gate, cable trench affecting the appearance and performance of materials in the station; The employer shall be responsible for handling the formalities for permanent land occupation and relevant expenses, and the construction unit shall be responsible for the formalities for temporary land occupation and relevant expenses. The main work of electrical installation includes the installation and commissioning of the main transformer, primary, secondary, protection, integrated automation, telecontrol, communication, cable, DC and other panels and cabinets of the booster station (including the procurement of some auxiliary materials if not required). GIS, reactive power compensation, 35kV switchgear, secondary equipment, etc. shall be purchased by Party A. See the bill of quantities for details, and see the relevant provisions of the bidding documents for details., See the relevant provisions of the bidding document for details

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