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Implementation opinions of the Ministry of industry and information technology on promoting the quality improvement of manufacturing products and services

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Ministry of industry and information technology [2019] No. 188

improving the quality of manufacturing products and services is an important measure to deepen the supply side structural reform and meet the people's growing needs for a better life. It is an inevitable requirement to promote China's industry to move towards the middle and high end of the global value chain. In order to thoroughly implement the guiding opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on carrying out quality improvement actions, accelerate the improvement of the quality of products and services in the manufacturing industry, and promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, the following opinions are put forward

(II) basic principles

adhere to the combination of quality improvement and meeting needs. With enhancing the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry and meeting the growing needs of the people for a better life as the starting point and foothold, we will strengthen total quality management, promote quality culture and brand building, and enhance the people's sense of gain

adhere to the combination of enterprise main body and creating environment. We will promote enterprises to implement the main body of quality, strictly abide by the bottom line of quality, improve the quality level, and expand the supply of high-quality products and services. Optimize the quality development environment, strengthen standard guidance, speed up talent training, strengthen professional support, promote high quality and good price, and stimulate the power of enterprise quality improvement

adhere to the combination of technological innovation and management innovation. Improve technological innovation capability, guide innovation elements to gather to key common technologies, medium and high-end products and services, and improve product safety, reliability and environmental adaptability. Promote quality management innovation, promote advanced quality management methods and tools, and improve the level of quality management

adhere to the combination of comprehensive promotion and separate policies. Improve the quality improvement cooperation mechanism covering the whole industry chain and the whole product life cycle. Focus on the outstanding quality problems in the industry, implement accurate policies, improve the supply quality of raw materials, enhance the quality competitiveness of equipment manufacturing, speed up the upgrading of consumer goods, and promote the information technology industry to move towards the medium and high end

(III) main objectives

by 2022, the overall quality level of the manufacturing industry will be significantly improved, the basic quality support capacity will be significantly improved, the quality development environment will be continuously optimized, and the quality work system of the industry will be more efficient. Build a number of standard groups coordinated by national standards, industrial standards and group standards to lead the improvement of industry quality, promote the establishment of quality classification mechanism in no less than 10 industries or fields, improve the quality traceability mechanism for the whole life cycle of key products, and improve the quality and brand competitiveness of enterprises

II. Implement the enterprise quality subject

(IV) improve the quality system. The legal representative or main person in charge of the enterprise is the first quality person. Enterprises shall establish the key post system for quality and safety control, and strictly implement the post quality specification and quality assessment system. Strictly implement mandatory standards, take the initiative to declare the quality of products and services, and accept social supervision. Implement the major quality accident report and emergency treatment system, and enhance the quality and safety risk prevention and control ability. Perform legal obligations such as recall of defective products, strictly implement the provisions on product repair, replacement and return, undertake quality damage compensation according to law, and establish and improve the quality traceability mechanism throughout the product life cycle

(V) strengthen total quality management. Define the quality policy and objectives of the enterprise, establish a quality management system covering the whole staff and the whole process, continuously improve the effectiveness of the operation of the quality management system, ensure the continuous and stable provision of products and services that meet laws, regulations and customer needs, optimize customer experience and improve customer satisfaction. Strengthen supply chain quality management, establish and improve the second-party quality audit system, and guide and supervise the quality, technology, process, equipment and personnel of important suppliers. Actively apply the excellent performance mode, six sigma management, lean production and other methods, carry out quality risk analysis and control, quality cost management, quality management system upgrading and other activities, and comprehensively improve the quality management ability of the enterprise

(VI) promote the construction of quality culture. Establish the integrity management concept of quality first and reputation first, strengthen the quality awareness of all employees, improve the post skills of employees, and implement quality integrity into the whole process of enterprise production and operation. We will vigorously carry forward the spirit of entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, strengthen the social construction of enterprises, and cultivate a quality culture of excellence. Encourage the establishment of chief quality officer, actively organize and carry out mass quality activities such as quality management team, team management, quality breakthrough and rationalization suggestions, strengthen internal promotion and external communication of excellent quality achievements, and continuously improve quality management

III. enhance the power of quality improvement

(VII) play the leading role of standards. Give play to the supporting and leading role of standards in the improvement of industry quality, improve the synergy and compatibility of upstream and downstream industrial standards, and promote the establishment of a standard group covering the whole industry chain and the whole product life cycle. Accelerate the formulation of quality and safety standards, green design and production standards in key areas, and promote the implementation of standards. Local governments are encouraged to organize the formulation of local standards in combination with the special requirements of local natural conditions to serve the development of industries with local characteristics. Encourage enterprises and social organizations to formulate standards that meet the needs of multi-level market and innovation, support innovative, progressiveness and international group standard application demonstration, support local governments to carry out standard piloting quality improvement, support industries and enterprises to participate in international standardization, benchmark with the international advanced level, and promote the high-quality development of the industry

(VIII) strengthen the role of technical support. Encourage enterprises to innovate in technology, carry out personalized customization and flexible production, enrich product categories, and meet differentiated consumption needs. Promote the development and application of digital twinning, reliability design and simulation, quality fluctuation analysis and other technologies, and improve product quality design and process control capabilities. We will continue to promote the implementation of the integrated management system of industrialization and industrialization, promote the application of new generation information technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence in quality management, support the establishment of quality information databases, develop quality management tools such as testing, process control and quality traceability, strengthen quality data analysis, and promote enterprises to establish a whole process quality management system based on digitalization, networking and intelligence

(IX) play the role of brand promotion. Guide enterprises to establish a brand development strategy based on quality, enrich brand connotation and enhance brand image. Encourage industry associations and professional institutions to establish and improve the professional service system for brand cultivation, formulate and implement the standards for brand cultivation management system, improve the maturity evaluation mechanism for brand cultivation, and promote enterprises to leap from qualified quality to customer satisfaction through brand cultivation. Promote the regional brand building of industrial clusters, guide the coordination of enterprise standards, innovation, business cooperation and resource sharing within the clusters, give play to the leading role of leading enterprises, and promote the upgrading of industrial chains. Strengthen brand publicity and promotion, lead consumer demand, enhance consumer confidence, and promote enterprises to speed up quality upgrading

IV. optimize the quality development environment

(x) advocate high quality and good price. Industry associations and professional institutions are encouraged to formulate quality grading standards around product performance, technical capacity and user needs, carry out quality grading evaluation on key product pilot sites by means of inspection and testing, conformity assessment and satisfaction survey, and establish a quality grading release mechanism. Take the specialized quality classification of machinery, steel, petrochemical, building materials, light industry, electronics and other industries as a pilot, and promote the establishment of a market-based credit collection mechanism for quality classification and application classification. We will increase the guiding role of government procurement, promote the release of high-quality procurement catalogues, and encourage the use of high-quality products in major equipment and key projects

(XI) optimize the market environment. Strengthen the construction of quality integrity system, establish information sharing mechanisms such as consumer complaints and product recalls, and guide the industry to warn and improve common quality problems. Cooperate with relevant departments to crack down on IPR infringement and the production and sale of fake and shoddy commodities, jointly punish serious quality violations and dishonesty, and promote the construction of a fair, just, open and orderly market competition environment. Guide local governments and industries to formulate regional and industrial quality improvement plans, actively carry out quality development, quality comparison, brand cultivation and other work, summarize the good experience and good practices in various activities such as China's excellent industrial design, individual champion, quality benchmark, specialized and new little giant, and regional brand construction of industrial clusters, and increase publicity and promotion

(XII) consolidate service support. We will strengthen basic capacity-building for quality, give full play to the role of various public service platforms, and increase the supply of quality and brand services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Give full play to the role of national and provincial manufacturing innovation centers, overcome a number of key common technologies and promote their application, and improve the quality and technical level of enterprises. We will support professional institutions in strengthening capacity-building in quality control and technology evaluation, and encourage them to serve enterprises. Accelerate the development of R & D and design, industrial design, intellectual property, standard verification, quality diagnosis, testing and certification and other producer services, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and improve the level of specialized services. Promote the opening of industrial inspection and testing laboratories to the public and improve the quality awareness of the whole people

v. speed up the quality improvement of key industries

(XIII) improve the supply quality of raw material industry. We will thoroughly implement the three-year action plan for improving the quality of the raw material industry (year). Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum and flat glass, promote clean and efficient production processes, implement green and intelligent transformation, and encourage the research, development and application of the whole process quality monitoring, diagnosis and optimization system. Accelerate the innovation of high-end materials, support the construction of production and application demonstration platforms for materials in key fields such as aviation, nuclear energy and engines, promote the application, verification and promotion of new materials, and form a high-performance fluorocarbon polymer, which is one of the most widely used microporous organic materials since the 1980s. Researchers place high hopes on it and conduct in-depth research on functionalization Differentiated supply capacity of advanced basic materials. Accelerate the construction of innovation centers for rare earth functional materials and industrial test and evaluation centers, support the development of green rare earth mining and smelting separation technologies, and accelerate the development of new rare earth materials and high-end application industries. Support to carry out customer satisfaction survey on key raw material products, and continuously improve the supply quality of raw materials with the customer as the center

(XIV) enhance the quality competitiveness of equipment manufacturing industry. Actively implement the special action guide for promoting the quality brand improvement of equipment manufacturing industry. We will implement the industrial foundation strengthening project, focus on solving the weak links in the fields of basic parts, electronic components, industrial software, etc., and make up for the quality shortcomings. We will accelerate intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, improve the automation and intelligence of production processes, and reduce energy, material and water consumption. According to the

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