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CITIC Heavy Industry successfully "cross-border" transformation towards the power electronics industry

CITIC Heavy Industry successfully "cross-border" transformation towards the power electronics industry

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recently, CITIC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. held a press conference and officially released its independently developed chic1000 and chic2000 series heavy-duty industrial special high-voltage converters with independent intellectual property rights. This innovation has broken the situation that the domestic high-voltage and high-power inverter market has been occupied by foreign brands for a long time, and also marks the successful "cross-border" transformation of this old state-owned enterprise from the traditional machinery manufacturing field to the power electronics Jinan assaying employee performance management industry

frequency conversion industry is not only a bridge for grafting heavy equipment and production technology, but also an important medium for realizing industrial automation and informatization. "We don't just produce frequency converters." Yuzhangfa, general manager of CITIC Heavy Industry, told the economy that through the production of frequency converters, CITIC Heavy Industry has opened up the industrial chain and realized the full coverage of process design, equipment manufacturing and control system, thus the company started the transformation from mechanical manufacturing drive to control drive

at present, abb, Siemens and other international transmission giants occupy about 70% of the domestic inverter market. For reference only, most of China's related enterprises have not been established for a long time, and the maturity and brand popularity of their products are difficult to compete with international famous brands

yuzhangfa said that entering this market is the result of the company focusing on the market and national industrial policies and expanding product extension business

CITIC Heavy Industries, which promotes strategic upgrading through strategic transformation and leads sustainable development through innovation, has taken the initiative to shoulder the strategic mission of localization of national high-end high-power frequency converters in building an "upgraded version" of China's economy. Supported by a high-end talent team and relying on the enterprise's existing comprehensive advantages of process, equipment and control integration, it has established a transmission research institute to carry out high-performance R & D and pilot test of high reliability high and low voltage inverter

at the end of 2012, zhangqisheng, deputy general manager of CITIC Heavy Industries, led a team of 45 people to focus on the research and development of high-voltage inverter. "The manufacturing of large-scale equipment is in our hands, but it is always controlled by others in the frequency conversion control system. Why don't we do it ourselves? T92 is the core eco-friendly pet for choosing the additional value of Airex," Zhang Qisheng said with emotion

with the strong support of the group company, new breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of frequency converters. In april2013, after close verification of 14 experiments, the chic1000 series high-voltage inverter of CITIC Heavy Industry successfully passed the type test of the national quality supervision and Inspection Center for electric control distribution equipment, and all performance indicators reached or exceeded the national standards. It is worth mentioning that the speed regulation ratio of this series of products is as high as 5000:1, which is much higher than that of the domestic counterparts of 100:1. Its fast start and braking characteristics, ultra-low speed operation characteristics, locked rotor function, air hovering function and so on fill the domestic gap. On this basis, in may2014, CITIC Heavy Industries' chic2000 series products passed c-tick certification (Australia). Up to now, the products of various series and different voltage levels developed by CITIC Heavy Industry have been widely used in coal, mining, metallurgy, nonferrous metals, electric power and other fields

Shanxi Zijin Mining Co., Ltd. is the first customer to use the special high-voltage inverter for chic1000 mine hoist. The person in charge of the company said that in the past year, the whole machine has operated stably, safely and efficiently with satisfactory results

yuzhangfa said that at present, CITIC Heavy Industry frequency converter has been successfully put into operation in Yuguang Gold lead semi autogenous mill, flat coal dry ± 0.5% coke quenching fan and Tangshan 69 cement line fan, and has been exported to Oceania, Asia, Eastern Europe and other regions

while rapidly promoting the integrated innovation and R & D of frequency conversion technology, CITIC Heavy Industry has also vigorously promoted the industrialization of high-end high-power frequency converters. The company has newly planned to build a modern frequency converter production base

recently, in the workshop of the inverter specialized production base located in Yibin District of Luoyang, the author saw that the workshop is in line with international standards from the purchase of raw materials to production, testing, logistics and other links. The frequency conversion drive laboratory under preparation ensures the high stability and reliability of frequency conversion products from the aspects of hardware and software

according to the data, China's inverter market is in a period of rapid growth. Inverter is widely used in textile machinery, air conditioning, elevator, metallurgy and other industries. It is estimated that in the next five years, the market demand for frequency converters will maintain an increase of more than 10%. The total potential market space for frequency converters in China is 120billion yuan to 180billion yuan. Some experts said that in the next few years or even longer, the development trend of China's deep economic transformation and improvement of quality and efficiency will provide a broader space for the inverter market

it can be predicted that many fields will take advantage of frequency conversion technology to achieve transformation and upgrading, which will provide CITIC Heavy Industries with major market opportunities for transformation, upgrading and cross-border development

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