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Good luck Beijing sends good news: Zijin bridge leads the configuration trend

on April 8, 2008, there were occasional showers in Beijing. Although the weather was not beautiful, the "good luck Beijing, imagine the configuration trend, share the wonderful future" was held as scheduled. Less than 1 o'clock, more than 60 people came to Jinma hotel in advance and communicated with Zijin bridge engineers. Many foreign users also came as invited, at 1:30 p.m, More than 130 industrial control users from Beijing and surrounding cities and Zijin bridge witnessed the opening of "good luck Beijing"

recently, Zijinqiao company is making discounts. Mr. zhangxiangdong, manager of software technology department, Chang Jian, manager of smart products of Yanxiang, Zijinqiao software partner, Zeng Bo, product department of Zhongda Diantong company, and Liu Gong and Zhang Gong, Zijinqiao technical engineers, brought wonderful introductions to you

at 1:30 p.m., good luck Beijing officially opened

good luck Beijing imagination configuration trend grand event site

good luck Beijing configuration software technology exchange meeting, Zijinqiao software engineers comprehensively expounded the leading functions of real6.0's first run-time addition and run-time configuration. At the same time, they shared with you Zijinqiao's 2008 product roadmap and the new changes of Zijinqiao 6.5, The more powerful rsreport, the new system structure, the dazzling interface, and the powerful storage... All of them made the guests and colleagues applaud

Zijinqiao software interactive golden egg smashing activity audition egg smasher

Zijinqiao partner Yanxiang, delta speech

Zijinqiao partner Yanxiang intelligent, Zhongda Diantong have also brought home solutions from embedded systems to small control systems, from lower computers to Zijinqiao servers, and sometimes the software will not directly calculate the solution of the body system under the condition of small deformation

Zijinqiao engineers also brought you the latest application cases and solutions of Zijinqiao software: from the country's largest SCADA system to the west east gas transmission project with the "national environmental friendly project" award, the highest award for environmental protection of China's construction projects, and from the traditional process industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, water treatment and other discrete industries, such as machinery manufacturing, device processing, equipment supporting, etc., Zijinqiao people through multiple perspectives The outstanding contributions of Zijinqiao in the field of local automation in recent years were displayed to you in an all-round way

from PLC, frequency converter, touch screen to configuration software, Zijinqiao and delta overall demonstration site

"good luck Beijing, imagine the configuration trend, Zijinqiao technology exchange meeting" is taken as a complete success in order to ensure survival. It is believed that with leading technical advantages and high-quality customer service, Zijinqiao software will be favored by more users. Travel with the Olympic Games, meet brilliantly and win-win hand in hand! Zijinqiao will continue to uphold the company philosophy of technology oriented and service-oriented, and help your enterprise informatization construction

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