Best news Beixin waterproof has won awards again

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Good news! Beixin waterproof has won awards again

good news! Beixin waterproof has won awards again

November 9, 2020

on November 9, 2020, the 2020 medium (2) radial stiffness of strength spring testing machine bearings under working load, with the theme of "new infrastructure, new opportunities, new kinetic energy", the United States building materials enterprise development forum and the 2020 China Building materials enterprise top 500 series activities release meeting were held in Hefei, Anhui Province. At the meeting, a series of awards ceremony was held for the top 500 building materials enterprises in China in 2020. Beixin waterproof Group won the "top 10 building waterproof enterprises in China in 2020", its Beixin Yuwang and Beixin Shuyang won the "top 100 building materials enterprises with the most growth in China in 2020", and Beixin golden thumb won the "top 100 building materials service enterprises in China in 2020"

this selection is based on the comprehensive, real and comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the comprehensive growth ability of national building materials enterprises by the China Building Materials Enterprise Management Association in accordance with the shortlist conditions and evaluation criteria through enterprise declaration, public information collection, in-depth investigation, verification and analysis, expert evaluation and other links. Behind the successive awards, Beixin waterproof product quality and ingenious service are increasingly refined, which also makes the industry gradually witness the continuous progress and leading pace of Beixin waterproof in the field of waterproof intelligent manufacturing

this cut to 2022 and won four awards, which is an epitome of Beixin waterproof Group's long-term adherence to customer first and quality-oriented. Facing the new situation of the rapid development of waterproof intelligent manufacturing, Beixin waterproof Group is not impatient. Guided by the Beixin spirit of "self innovation and perfection", it actively explores new ideas about waterproof products, continues to build waterproof products that can stand the test of time in professional fields, and proves the original intention of Beixin waterproof people with actions - to build a watertight high-quality waterproof system for China's waterproof industry, society and customers, Let thousands of families live in watertight houses

the launch activities of the top 500 Chinese building materials enterprises have had a great impact in the industry, and are known as the "weathervane" of China's building materials industry. The evaluation results have become an important standard for comprehensively evaluating the comprehensive strength and industry status of relevant enterprises in the building materials industry. It provides the basis for the government departments to formulate industrial policies and development strategic planning, and provides data support for the building materials industry and enterprises to adjust their development strategies and objectives under the new situation

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