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[good news] elcopad mobile intelligent terminal won the 2016cec best product award

on November 2, 2016, the global automation manufacturing summit China (gams China) jointly hosted by internationally renowned industrial media control engineering China and plant engineering China (CEC and PEC) was grandly held at Howard Johnson Hotel, Shanghai. Since 2011, gams China has held five consecutive sessions in China, becoming one of the most important annual brand activities in the field of industrial control automation. This year, the theme of gams China is the best practice of intelligent manufacturing, which highlights that China is still in the stage of in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. Under the current technical conditions, how to effectively realize intelligent manufacturing in various industries and share and interpret the excellent practice cases of global intelligent manufacturing

at the summit, the organizers announced the selection results of the 2016 CEC annual best product award and presented awards to the winning enterprises. Elcopad mobile intelligent terminal launched by Yike company in 2016 won the best product award in the human-machine interface category this year, which is the fourth consecutive year that Yike company won this award

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elcopad mobile intelligent terminal has mainstream human-machine interface (HMI) functions, which can support multi platform operation. After customized configuration of Yiche software, it can directly exchange data with PLC and MES through hub mechanism and OPC interface, and realize many practical functions such as electronic Kanban (employee authority management, operation instructions, process documents, video training, etc.), data acquisition and input, data release on the web side, etc

the launch of this product is an important part of Yike's informatization strategic layout. It will change the working habits of industrial users in smart factories, clearly grasp the production data and equipment information in the factory through touch, organically associate the equipment, materials and personnel in the production process when low-grade fines are favored by the market, reduce non production hours, reduce daily emergencies, and greatly improve production efficiency

in the high-end Salon of intelligent manufacturing at the summit, Yiche 4) the physical meaning of wear rate is the mass wear of the sample per unit time or the mass wear per unit friction distance. Li Hong, deputy general manager of the company, was invited to discuss the practical progress of Intelligent Manufacturing in various regions of the world with the managers of Advantech, Schneider, Siemens, abb, red lion, arc and other enterprises, and commented on it in an interactive and open atmosphere, In depth explored the differences and consensus of the practice of Intelligent Manufacturing in various industries

president Li pointed out in the discussion that intelligent manufacturing can be analyzed from two levels. First of all, from the perspective of the enterprise itself, the most important thing to implement intelligent manufacturing is to ensure that the whole production process within the enterprise can realize data interaction, analysis and processing. From the perspective of the whole ecological chain, it needs the coordinated development of superior suppliers, enterprises themselves and customers to realize real intelligent manufacturing

president Li said that for Yike, the main focus at present is the depth and breadth of the integration of enterprise informatization and automation. After years of accumulation, Yike company has completed the transformation from a traditional automation supplier to a comprehensive product and solution provider of IOT + informatization + automation. In the future, Ecotech will be committed to helping the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry with better products and better solutions

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