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Cybertron helped China Mobile complete the centralized purchase test of unified DPI interconnected devices

in August 2019, Cybertron communications (London Stock Exchange listing Code: SPT), a supplier of equipment and network testing, measurement, assurance and analysis solutions in Beijing, announced that Cybertron avalanche application and security testing solutions rely on real simulation of interconnected applications, flexible construction of complex scenarios, and accurate and complete statistical capabilities, As the only testing manufacturer, it helped China Mobile successfully complete the centralized purchase test of unified DPI interconnection equipment in 2019

dpi device, deep packet inspection, is a packet based application layer traffic detection and control technology. It performs in-depth detection for different network application layer loads (such as HTTP, DNS, etc.), and determines its legitimacy by detecting the payload of the message. It is a standing function of behavior management and network security products to better protect applications and limit some unreasonable and illegal applications by identifying applications

the person in charge of the network Institute of China Mobile Research Institute said:

China Mobile centralized purchase test is to evaluate the fine-grained recognition and control ability of DPI equipment for applications, the guarantee ability of main businesses, the blocking ability of illegal businesses, the filtering and redirection ability of key information, and the tracking and coverage ability of the latest interconnected applications of DPI equipment in a centralized way. In terms of performance and stability, under the premise of ensuring the accuracy and coverage of business processing, the centralized purchase test evaluation assesses the processing ability of DPI equipment to the inspection target scenario of complex interconnected impact testing machine. Cybertron has successfully supported China Mobile's unified DPI Internet centralized purchase test project for four consecutive years

interconnection has the characteristics of complex application scenarios, frequent upgrades, and rapid hot spot transfer. Simulation of this has always been the difficulty and challenge of testing. Avalanche sapee provides an extensible application layer simulation environment, which perfectly solves the real and effective simulation of new applications and the fastest problem-solving scenarios, new versions, and new hot spots for customers at the first time, Based on the stateful simulation of any scene and the maintenance of complex relationships between multiple sessions, avalanche sapee can effectively simulate all kinds of P2P, streaming, Messenger, games, social media, etc., and insert or modify the key information. 1. The hydraulic system completes the evaluation of specific functions; For the fine-grained statistical requirements of DPI testing, such as statistics of single user, single scenario, different directions, inside and outside the tunnel and different protocol levels, avalanche's unparalleled statistical ability plays an outstanding role

Wu Jie, director of business development of Cybertron communications, said:

in the face of the 5g era, Cybertron continues to strengthen its support for the latest 5g application scenarios, and provides scenarios on the basis of existing practical experience and strong product series. However, even for the same product, the pressure of resin tree in the mold cavity is not the same in all parts; In places where the injection pressure is difficult to act and places where it is easy to act, the injection pressure is not the same. More abundant, higher performance and more flexible test solutions meet various DPI test needs. Cybertron is honored to be the only testing manufacturer to participate in and successfully support China Mobile to complete the 2019 unified DPI Internet device set

the scenario of this centralized purchase test project is complex and the performance requirements are under great pressure. Relying on the avalanche C100 S3 100g and sprint TestCenter test platform of spollen, we successfully completed the traffic simulation of the integrated application layer up to 1.2tbps, evaluated the function points, performance and stability of DPI, strictly evaluated and verified the DPI equipment of all participants, and well distinguished the differences between different standard configurations, It will greatly promote the performance optimization of subsequent DPI equipment and the stability under high load

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