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Sibolen and China Mobile Research Institute show the automation integration and delivery system

sibolen is novone4, which is mainly used for scaffolds, derricks, steel pipes with nominal outer diameters of 48.3mm and 51mm in construction projects The automatic integration and delivery system of fastener T project made of malleable cast iron and live cast steel used in template support provides nfvi network accelerated performance test and evaluation system function module

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av Team leader Joan Carle: Ma Kai, vice premier of the State Council s I

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Barcelona, span

sboren communications (lse:spt), the world's leading operator network and sdn/nfv testing solution provider, will participate in the achievements display of China Mobile's next generation innovation network novonet project at the four-day World Mobile Congress (MWC 2018) in Barcelona. Sibolen participated in the research and development of novonet automation integration and delivery system, and provided the functional module of nfvi network acceleration performance test and evaluation system. This test module can be triggered through Jenkins system integration call and unified test management execution interface to complete the nfvi virtual network acceleration performance, which has been deeply cultivated in the Chinese market and participated in the automatic evaluation, testing and report collection of catheter for many years

China Mobile's large-scale innovative nfv framework includes overall planning, test environment construction, virtualization deployment, virtualization configuration, nfvo/vnfm deployment, mano testing, service startup testing and tic delivery. The spolen professional service team provides a test automation collaboration platform for novonet automation integration and delivery system, including test case management, test automation implementation, equipment management, test requirements, problem tracking, knowledge base, reports and dashboards, to help China Mobile integrate various Jenkins based test cases. Each test case has a number of settings, including version, test category, test field, priority Severity and labels, etc. this web-based multimedia device can send Jenkins tasks or test automation scripts related to the test method without affecting the temperature distribution around the experimental box. China Mobile also defines the test requirements of each branch project, and uses the test requirements function to follow up the implementation progress. The test support of Cybertron provides good visibility of the status and progress

Mr. Shen Qian, the Asia Pacific director of the global service department of sibolen communications, said: in the process of participating in the novonet project of China Mobile, the professional service team of sibolen provided the support of the test automation cooperation platform to help optimize the nfv test cycle. As a long-term testing partner of China Mobile, with its own experience and accumulation in the field of nfv/sdn and automated test management, Cybertron will help China Mobile move towards the road of network transformation, and will continue to support China Mobile to complete relevant test task management. Cybertron is willing to work together with China Mobile and its industrial partners to go further on the road of building a new generation of networks

in addition, speron provides nfvi network performance testing for automated integration and delivery systems, which is implemented using the modules of speron nfvi automated performance testing system. Nfvi automated performance testing system is a fully automated testing system suitable for nfvi platform of mainstream openstack architecture. It can test various performances under the decoupling of vnf and nfvi, and help industry users speed up the implementation of system fallback testing while reducing the complexity of nfvi testing. The typical virtual machine model defined in the system test case covers the main vnf business virtual machine deployment patterns, reduces the complexity of real business virtual machine deployment, and has good nfvi platform compatibility and higher performance than real business virtual machine, which can meet the performance and reliability required by sriov and ovs-dpdk testing. As an integrated overall scheme test system, it not only supports VLAN, vxlan and dpdk technologies, covers the read-write performance test of virtual machine cpu/memory/disk, but also has the ability of remote test execution. It is equipped with all software functions and protocol components required for automated test. Testers can execute tests and obtain test result data from any IP accessible network

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