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Cybertron signed an agreement with the Chinese Academy of communications to continue its close cooperation. On December 19, Cybertron and China created a batch of new material industrial clusters with core competitiveness, strong driving force, distinctive characteristics and complementary advantages. The data research center of the Institute of information and communications (caict), the media and communication Department of the Department of telecommunications, held a co sponsored renewal ceremony. Ms. Liu duo, President of the China Academy of information and communications, and Mr. Tan Hao, vice president and general manager of SBC East Asia and greater China, attended the renewal ceremony and signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides. This signing has continued the close strategic cooperation relationship for more than ten years, and has contributed more than 100 high-quality solution manuscripts in the testing field to the communication industry

this year is the 15th year that sperun has entered China. Since the beginning of entering China, Si (2) has successfully completed the task of canceling the ground bar steel, and Bolun has started extensive cooperation with the Academy. With the rapid development of communication technology, the two sides have carried out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in wireless access, mobile core, switching routing, cloud computing/data center, network security and application, high-speed Ethernet, automotive Ethernet, IOT and other aspects, forming a close partnership. At the same time, the two sides have also conducted comprehensive cooperation and extensive exchanges on test method research, standard formulation, automatic programming, new technology tracking and sharing

at the signing ceremony, the two sides exchanged views on the current technology and development trends in the industry, and discussed the new progress in 5g, IOT, cloud computing and AI. Mr. Tan introduced that from wired to wireless to satellite communication, from operator network to data center to enterprise network, from mobile communication to lianche to IOT, spolen has a comprehensive testing solution to help customers successfully develop and deploy next-generation network technology and applications, which is the key for customers in data center, cloud computing, sdn/nfv, virtual environment, high-speed Ethernet, 4g/5g network and user experience, intelligent terminal, network and application security It is the preferred partner in the fields of IOT, Lianhe automobile, satellite positioning and testing

as the first test solution provider to enter the Chinese market, the test solution of sibolen has been adopted by domestic communication equipment manufacturers, telecom operators, Internet service providers, industry users, security test laboratories and third parties. 3. After vibration, the test mechanism is used to evaluate the latest technology, equipment control accuracy and application performance. Therefore, sibolen has established a close and in-depth cooperative relationship with the ICT Institute

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