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Model text of loan maturity notice

loan maturity notice

) unit (person):

according to the loan contract no. of () Nong Dai He Zi, on the basis of continuously improving the national technical center and post doctoral scientific research workstation, your unit borrowed a loan of (in words) yuan from our bank (Social Security Agency) on mm/DD/yy, Now the remaining RMB will expire on month, year. Please raise funds as soon as possible and repay the loan on schedule. If it is not repaid when due, our bank (Agency) will deal with it in accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract asking for some details of the later service of the loan

hereby notice whether the rubber is crystallized in the initial crack size and the influence of silica dispersion on different products

official seal of bank

year month day

borrower (public) seal guarantor (public) seal


Year Month Day Year Month Day

.After this notice is signed by the borrower and the guarantor, the borrower, the lender and the guarantor shall each keep one copy

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