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Interpretation of cygnet washing machine Tg or TD? What is the difference between cygnet washing machine models TG and TD?

cygnet washing machine sells many models and series, such as cygnet TG series and TD series. Is it better to read cygnet washing machine Tg or TD? What is the difference between cygnet washing machine models TG and TD, which are driven by pulleys and gears to record the displacement of the drum? Now let's explain it to friends in detail to see which is more suitable for you

1. Which is the difference

the main difference between the TG and TD series of Little Swan Washing machines is that the TG series is generally an all-in-one washing and drying machine. The TD series is generally a combination of high-performance materials with fashionable appearance, comfortable touch, and easy design and processing. With drying function, the TG and TD series of Little Swan washing machines are drum washing machine series. The specific choice depends on personal needs, For example, the popular Little Swan td100vt096wdg and tg100vt096wdg, and friends with children at home, this td100vt096wdg with drying function is better

turn old user comments on cygnet td100vt096wdg

turn tg100vt096wdg tmall quotation and user comments

II. Cygnet td100vt096wdg quotation and user comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 3899.00 (check activity quotation)

2. User comments: there is no problem with capacity home use, the cleanliness is also good, the appearance is atmospheric, the sound is not big, and the customer service is very good and sincere. Overall, I am quite satisfied with this brand. Capacity size: large washing effect: good appearance material: good mute effect: good

III. cygnet tg100vt096wdg quotation and user comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 2799.00 (check the official activity price of tmall)

2. User comments: I bought a cygnet washing machine for my mother last year, and my mother said it was very good. This year, our washing machine broke down, and we also replaced it with the old brand cygnet. The washing machine is very good, the clothes are washed very clean, and the sound is not the systematic error of the experimental machine: the state of this kind of error is generally adhere to a certain value or the regular error is large. Delivery and installation together, and there is no need to make an appointment for installation, which is very convenient. Hangyi service is also very good

the above is about the Little Swan Washing machine. Is Tg or TD good? What is the difference between the model TG and TD of Little Swan Washing machine? Welcome to the comment area to leave a message and talk about your views

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