Fire broke out in the paint baking room of huolong

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A fire broke out in the paint baking room of Longyan No.1 4S store. There were dozens of barrels of paint in the paint baking room of Longyan No.1 4S store. Longyan fire branch ----- Wangqi master's graduate team, School of electrical engineering, Beijing University of chemical technology. After receiving the police message from the command center, the north gate squadron of Xinluo District brigade immediately dispatched 4 fire engines and 17 officers and soldiers to the scene for rescue

when the firefighters arrived at the scene, they saw thick smoke billowing on the third floor of the 4S store and rising into the sky along the windows. The smoke from the front of the 4S store was accompanied by flames towards the fourth floor. "The water-based waterproof materials often used in the market are mainly acrylic waterproof paint, JS polymer cement waterproof paint and a series of polymer cement waterproof mortar", and there is a trend of upward spread at any time. According to the on-site knowledge, all personnel in the building have been evacuated. The fire floor is the paint baking room of Geely 4S store. There are many cars to be painted and dozens of barrels of paint on the floor. A car in the paint baking room is baking before the fire. If the fire is not effectively controlled, the consequences of three-dimensional fire will be unimaginable

according to the on-site situation, the rescue personnel immediately launched the fire fighting, and the fire extinguishing team set up a water gun position in the front of the building with a class a foam fire truck to stop the fire and prevent it from spreading upward, and set up a fire fighting team to go deep into the fire floor along the stairs, and break down the anti-theft door into the paint baking room to go deep into the fire area to investigate the fire. At the same time, the rear water supply group is looking for a nearby water source for uninterrupted water supply. According to the investigation of the fire by the fire fighting team, the interior of the paint baking room on the third floor has collapsed, and the fire is spreading around the paint baking room. The fire fighting team immediately enters the glass of the floor window. If it is not necessary to use the line to break and remove smoke, and use the water gun to stop the spreading fire. After more than 30 minutes of intense fighting by rescue workers, the fire was successfully extinguished

at present, the cause of the fire accident is being further adjusted. The aluminum alloy is filled with molten metal

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