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Fire and explosion prevention in the process of chemical maintenance

1. Safety management of maintenance

there are many residual flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful and corrosive substances in production equipment and pipelines, and chemical maintenance is inseparable from hot work and tank operation. A little negligence will lead to accidents such as fire explosion, poisoning and chemical burns. According to statistical data, in the accidents of international and domestic chemical enterprises, A large proportion of accidents occur during shutdown maintenance operations or rush repair operations during operation, which requires the personnel engaged in maintenance to have rich safety knowledge and technology, be familiar with and master the structure, performance and characteristics of different equipment, and understand the dangers and protective measures in the most professional technical maintenance process of Jinan new era gold assay instrument Co., Ltd

the safety management of the maintenance process should be:

(1) establish the maintenance command system, be responsible for the formulation and implementation of the maintenance plan, dispatch human and material resources, coordinate the relationship between various units, analyze the maintenance objects, formulate maintenance safety countermeasures, and handle hot work, ground breaking and maintenance licenses

(2) carry out safety education. Not only Chemical operators, but also a large number of maintenance personnel and sometimes temporary personnel participate in the maintenance. Before the overhaul, safety education should be carried out for all personnel to make them familiar with the overhaul safety system, the relevant regulations on entering the equipment operation, the relevant regulations on fire, the relevant regulations on ground breaking, etc. they should also learn the ten prohibitions on the overhaul site, namely:

① those who do not wear safety helmets and work clothes are not allowed to enter the site

② those wearing sandals and high heels are not allowed to enter the scene

③ drinkers are not allowed to enter the scene before work

④ it is forbidden to make trouble or other behaviors that hinder the operation during the operation

⑤ smoking is prohibited at the maintenance site

⑥ it is forbidden to clean equipment, machines and tools and agricultural products with gasoline or other chemical solvents

⑦ it is forbidden to sprinkle oil products, dangerous chemicals, calcium carbide waste residue, etc. at will

⑧ it is forbidden to block the fire passage

⑨ it is forbidden to misappropriate or damage fire-fighting tools and equipment

⑩ on site equipment shall not be used for private work

all kinds of personnel participating in the maintenance must receive safety education, and can only be allowed to participate in the maintenance after passing the specific operation steps

(3) safety inspection

before maintenance, check whether there are safety technical measures in the maintenance plan. Items without safety technical measures are not allowed to be repaired. Whether the machines and tools used for maintenance, especially the lifting machines and tools, electric welding equipment, hand-held electric tools, etc., are qualified. If there is no inspection certificate, the equipment and machines that use the unidirectional transmission characteristics of worm gear reducer 3 are not allowed to enter the maintenance site for use only by constantly trying. Whether there is a special person in charge of supervision, and there should be someone in each post and control room to stick to the post. Each employee shall clarify his/her responsibilities, the progress of maintenance tasks, and relevant safety systems and regulations

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