Fire and prevention of the most common electrical

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Fire and prevention of common electrical equipment

1) short circuit

2) insulation damage between iron cores or between iron cores and clamping bolts causes eddy current to increase, temperature to rise, and insulation oil to decompose and burn

3) the tap resistance is too large, causing high temperature fire

4) the insulating oil is aging and flashover occurs

5) oil leakage causes the oil level to drop, and the heat dissipation effect is reduced, causing overheating and combustion of insulating materials

6) short circuit of external circuit, serious overload and protection failure will also cause internal fire and explosion

(2) measures to prevent transformer fire

1) regular maintenance and preventive test, and timely deal with defects found

2) install explosion-proof pipe and temperature protection device, and pay attention to check the oil level

3) reasonably configure relay protection devices

4) reasonable design and installation, fire prevention measures and good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions; Oil retaining facilities or oil storage tanks shall be set, and explosion-proof walls shall be set with other equipment when necessary

5) equip with fire extinguishing equipment

    2. Motor fire and preventive measures

(1) causes of motor fire

1) single phase inter turn short circuit, single-phase grounding and phase to phase short circuit

2) overload, phase loss and power supply voltage reduction

3) insufficient lubrication, foreign matters stuck, locked rotor

4) different types of wiring are applicable to different industries, and the contact resistance is too large

5) the ventilation slot is blocked. There is no large-scale industrial device in Mengxi

(2) preventive measures for motor fire

1) correct installation and use

2) check and repair frequently

3) set protective devices reasonably

    3. Oil circuit breaker fire and preventive measures

(1) main causes of oil circuit breaker fire and explosion

1) insufficient interrupting capacity of circuit breaker

2) the oil level is low or high

3) the casing fouling is damped and flashover causes combustion and explosion

(2) preventive measures for oil circuit breaker fire

1) correct selection of circuit breaker

2) install the exhaust hole on the box cover

Lou Jianfeng suggested that

3) strengthen patrol inspection

4) correctly select the installation position

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