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Fire and smoke prevention partitions and partitions of buildings

fire prevention partitions are local spaces that can prevent fire from spreading to other parts of the same building within a certain period of time by artificially dividing the building according to the characteristics of the building and using building components or fire prevention partitions with corresponding fire resistance performance

fire separation is an object that can prevent the spread of fire within a certain period of time and divide the entire internal space of the building into several smaller fire prevention spaces

smoke prevention zone refers to the space from the floor of imported or domestic equipment to the roof or roof falling, with the roof smoke baffle, smoke prevention vertical wall or beam projecting 500mm downward from the ceiling as the boundary. In order to control the flow of smoke in the building, in order to comply with the market requirements, it is necessary to use some equipment to divide the fire compartment into several smoke prevention spaces, and then use the fire compartment with other ports. It can also be designed as a flexible battery sewn into your clothes. There is no comparable advantage of the smoke exhaust outlet to remove the smoke. The commonly used smoke control and exhaust equipment consists of smoke retaining vertical wall, smoke exhaust outlet and pipe type mechanical smoke exhaust system

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