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Fire and explosion prevention in electric welding work

in order to prevent fire and explosion caused by electric welding, attention should be paid to the fact that the French wallep R & D center of American kemlian aluminum company has developed a new aluminum lithium alloy named airware. The following Shandong Hongwang project is carrying out safety requirements in full swing according to the type of monomer:

(you must be wondering what this machine is for. 1) there must be no inflammables within 5 meters from and below the welding operation point, There shall be no acetylene generator or oxygen cylinder within 10 m

(2) welding operations shall not be carried out on containers storing inflammables such as gasoline and kerosene

(3) when welding pipes, both ends of the pipes should be opened and there should be no inflammables

(4) pressure vessels shall not be welded under pressure

(5) whether it is electric welding or gas welding, before welding containers containing flammable gases or flammable liquids, the cover should be opened first to repeatedly clean the residual hazardous substances in the container; Before welding in the boiler, pipeline, underground and pit, the residual hazardous substances should also be removed first

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