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Green "double 11" is coming! More than 15million people have promised to join rookie green action

release date: Source: Chongqing business daily

foreign funded enterprises have great advantages in battery consistency, stability, cycle life and other aspects. Tmall, rookie, together with China Environmental Protection Foundation, Alibaba public welfare foundation, and four links one Da jointly launched the "green double 11" that everyone can participate in, which has aroused the response of all sectors of society. As of November 5, more than 15 million people have promised to join the action of green, which sells products with mixed quality through unofficial channels, And with the daily super clear "the previous report obtained according to the 1997 version has continued to increase by more than one million people.

more than 60 well-known brands at home and abroad, such as L'Oreal, Qingfeng, BYD, hundreds of colleges and universities such as Tsinghua University, express logistics companies such as Debon and danniao, and hundreds of environmental protection Lubrizol invented thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), political science and law, and public security, which were also the first batch to join the" green double 11 "initiative, and won the approval of the Ministry of ecological environment The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and other national ministries and commissions have received official and micro support, and the whole society has responded

"it's not so difficult to protect the environment. Buying a bag of yuanmi, replacing the old with the new, and sending the express cartons to the recycling point are all green actions." tmall's double 11 green initiative calls on everyone to take part in environmental protection with a little effort. For example, after receiving the express, don't throw the cartons away, leave them in the rookie post station or send them to the nearby express point for recycling

this year's "double 11", the rookie's "box return plan" has been comprehensively upgraded: 40000 rookie post stations and 35000 express points in China, including Yuantong, Zhongtong, Shentong, Yunda and Baishi, will receive express packages and recycle them by classification. Each recycling of a express carton can reduce 37 grams of carbon emissions

consumers open Taobao, search for "green double 11", and then click to become "green partner of double 11", win meow coins, red envelopes, and leave a green declaration. At present, 180000 people have left messages promising not to litter express bags, and 140000 people have left messages saying that they will make the best use of cartons as storage boxes

according to incomplete statistics, in the past year, more than 40 brands on tmall have sent out 150million adhesive tape free environmental protection cartons, reducing the use of more than 200million meters of adhesive tape, and connecting them can circle the earth 5.6 times

"it's actually not so difficult to do environmental protection, starting from bit by bit, and building a green double 11 together" is becoming a conscious action involving businesses, express companies, consumers, social organizations and everyone in the whole society

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