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The outer surface of green ecological glass fiber is molded into a closed cell foam core reinforced with 45 degree angle fiber. Kisbo brushes the screen again at Guangzhou South Railway Station

green ecological wall material kisbo brushes the screen again at Guangzhou South Railway Station

November 20, 2018

it is understood that kisbo put advertisements at Guangzhou South Railway Station in July, and brushes the screen again soon after that, because it sees the unique marketing charm of the high-speed railway station. "China high speed railway" is China's diplomatic card, a Chinese symbol attracting worldwide attention, and a symbol of reputation and reputation. Cooperating with China's high-speed railway will not only improve the corporate image and reputation, but also improve the brand image with the help of high-speed railway, so as to speed up the road of enterprise development and brand construction

several advertising screens show the original imported San Marco art paint from kisbo Italy, which strongly shows the high-end design concept in front of consumers, accelerates brand promotion and highlights brand strength

in recent years, consumers have higher requirements for beautiful home space, and artistic coatings have also emerged, and the brushing process has become the key to development. In 2003, G. ------------------------------------------------------------------------sb kisbo began coating process training, continuously introduced foreign coating processes, trained more than 10000 professional coating technicians for China's art coating industry, and promoted art coatings to better enter thousands of households. As a professional art coating training institution and chemical industry vocational skill appraisal training base in China, kisb is also a certification base for art coating technicians

quality is the cornerstone of the enterprise. Kisbo guarantees the high quality and environmental protection performance of products from the raw material side, ensures to provide high-quality, high environmental protection products for the majority of users, and promotes the development of green environmental protection. Adhere to the use of 10 Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. sincerely do business 0% pure Italian paint. The product uses renewable high corrosion resistant materials as raw materials, and has the characteristics of pure natural environmental protection, natural mold and bacteria resistance, low chemical content, and no volatile organic compounds. Nanshan aluminum has achieved batch supply of high-end, high value-added aluminum materials for aviation and automobile

through this launch, millions of audience groups will recognize the brand of kisbo through the advertising platform of the high-speed railway station, understand the relevant products, and the strong visual impact presented on the screen will undoubtedly raise the exposure of kisbo brand to a new height

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