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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of control valve production grasp the first opportunity

control valve, also known as regulating valve, is the main executive unit instrument in industrial process control. It changes the fluid flow by receiving the control signal output from the regulating control unit and using power operation. The control valve is generally composed of actuator and valve. According to the power used by the actuator, the control valve can be divided into pneumatic, electric and hydraulic, that is, the pneumatic control valve with compressed air as the power source, the electric control valve with electricity as the power source, and the electro-hydraulic control valve with the pressure of liquid medium (such as oil) as the power. In addition, according to its functions and characteristics, there are solenoid valves, electronic, intelligent and fieldbus control valves

production advantages of control valves in China

1 Labor cost advantage a large part of the manufacturing process of control valve is metal processing, that is, using machine tools to produce parts of various shapes according to the requirements of the drawings, and then assembled into products by workers. Due to the complex types of valves, automatic assembly and production cannot be realized at present, and the labor cost accounts for a large share of the overall cost. Therefore, the cost of labor in China's valve industry still has great advantages. Since fisher of the United States established a joint venture in Tianjin in the 1970s, there have been Japanese Koso, Yamatake, German Samson, Ebro, Arca, Tyco of the United States Fiowservr and other world valve giants have set up joint-venture or wholly-owned production enterprises in China, greatly reducing production costs and rapidly expanding the share of their products in the Chinese market

2. Huge market advantage with the global industrial transfer and the huge demand for energy and light industrial products in the development of China's national economy, China is overwhelmed with construction projects in petrochemical, chemical, electric power and steel. Since the 1990s, foreign chemical industry giants have begun to increase investment in China. According to statistics, almost all the world's 500 strong large-scale petroleum and petrochemical companies have invested and set up factories in China. Among the top 75 chemical manufacturers in the world, Dow Chemical, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Huntsman, Ge, BASF, Chevron Phillips, shell, BP, Rohm and Haas, atofina, Degussa and other companies have all entered China on a large scale. In the face of this huge market demand, domestic enterprises have a huge competitive advantage that they are closest to the market and are the most sensitive to the market. They are more competitive than foreign enterprises in terms of product production and delivery. In this regard, they are beyond the reach of foreign enterprises. Because of its small size, the production cycle of the control valve is very short. When the raw materials are complete, the production cycle does not exceed one week. This time advantage can be transformed into a competitive advantage when the requirements reflect the rapid demand. And when foreign products are sold to China, transportation costs, tariff costs and other factors must be considered, which will inevitably reduce their competitiveness in the domestic market. 3. Advantages of processing technology in the processing of ordinary valves and control valve bodies, the current domestic manufacturing level has reached the level of developed countries in the 1990s or even higher. Especially in the casting, cutting and other processing of ordinary steel, our products have obtained TUV certification from the European Union, and the products have been able to enter the European market. This is our biggest technological advantage in the whole valve industry at present. We are behind developed countries, but our technology is leading compared with other developing countries and regions in the world. We can not only export a complete set of valve products for analyzing the composition and morphology of wear products particles to Latin America, the Middle East and other regions, such as Tego glide a116, which can provide ideal printing effects for various uses, but also export our processed parts to Europe. With the continuous improvement of the production technology of electronic communication products in our country, if we can master the design and production technology of control components in the field of control valves, our technology in the field of control valves can also be rapidly improved

disadvantages of control valves in China

1 The gap in product quality through the survey found that domestic enterprises generally believe that the gap between domestic control valves and foreign enterprises is in, but most foreign-funded enterprises believe that the gap between domestic control valves and foreign enterprises is more than 20 years. Domestic enterprises believe that the advantages of foreign control valve products mainly lie in product quality, brand and enterprise strength. Through the investigation, more than 60% of enterprises believe that the quality defects of domestic control valves are mainly short service life and low appearance quality. One third of enterprises believe that internal leakage and unreliable actuator are the defects of domestic control valves. In addition, a small number of enterprises believe that the defects of domestic control valves lie in materials, inaccurate control accuracy, insufficient stability and safety. 2. The gap of design ability the domestic valve industry has carried out the work of adopting international standards and joint design and development since the mid-1980s, and most products have adopted international standards and foreign advanced standards. However, due to the gap in implementation, the quality level of domestic valve products is still lower than the requirements of international standards. The accuracy of casting size is poor, and the image of internal and external leakage of valves is serious. Even some valves cannot guarantee the reliable work within a maintenance period, and the specifications are incomplete and the reliability is poor. In terms of valve research and development, there is a big gap between the overall level of China and that of foreign countries. Due to the limitations of funds and practical experience, our professional scientific research institutions are basically unable to carry out the research on high-precision valves. Our enterprises, with the gradual improvement of enterprise benefits, have just begun to carry out research in valve design, new materials and environmental protection, and the level varies greatly

3. The gap of industrial scale at present, there are about 3000 domestic valve enterprises, and the annual output value of the largest enterprise in the overall industry is no more than 300million yuan. Moreover, in addition to dozens of large-scale enterprises using advanced CNC machine tools in the production process, most enterprises still stay in the family workshop production scale. No matter the quantity and quality of its products, they cannot be compared with international well-known enterprises. In market competition, the usual means are price war and unfair competition. The result of this vicious competition is often a one-off deal, and enterprises cannot obtain long-term market opportunities, and they are simply unable to create their own brand products

4. The gap control valve manufacturing enterprise of enterprise management belongs to the small and medium-sized enterprises that allow market liberalization competition in the national enterprise management system. On the one hand, this will make a large number of private enterprises enter the popularity of the industry and further expand the industry, intensifying competition. At the same time, it will also continue to promote various enterprises to improve themselves in software first, so as to avoid the failure of competition, In the southeast coastal areas of China, the control valve production enterprises have reached a high level in both the quality management system and the management of administrative personnel. However, in some large control valve enterprises in the northeast and northwest, although joint-stock reform has been carried out, the large proportion of state-owned shares still makes them maintain the disadvantages caused by the unclear owner of assets. The operation of enterprises is slow, the development of enterprises is chaotic, and some enterprises have shown new crises

5. The basic industry lags behind. An important reason for the backward product quality of domestic control valve manufacturing industry lies in the backwardness of basic industry. Among them, steel, spring, bolt and nut and other components that have a serious impact on the control valve are the components that generate a great friction between the upper and lower end faces of the manufacturing industry and the support of the experimental machine. Taking steel as an example, although China has become the world's largest steel producer, the current domestic steel types are still at the level of mass transit goods, and many steels that meet special needs are still unable to be produced. The most widely used control valve in petroleum, chemical and other industries, its control medium types are complex, chemical characteristics are different, and many process conditions have harsh conditions such as high temperature and high pressure. At present, the control valve used under this working condition cannot meet the needs of domestic materials, so imported valves must be used. In terms of basic components, due to the poor process of raw materials, seemingly small components still need to be imported because they affect the overall quality of the valve. For example, the spring is the most used small component in the actuator of control valve. The service life of domestic products is only half of that of foreign products on average. There are reasons for this, but the quality of steel used for spring is the main factor. The same problem also exists in basic components such as sealing rings, bolts and nuts. These seemingly simple components play an extraordinary role in high-quality control valves. 6. Nonstandard market competition at present, the competition in the domestic control valve industry is very nonstandard. Taking the most popular bidding as an example, the bidding system of the project was originally a method adopted to obtain high-quality and low-cost products under the market economy. The strict bidding system brings fair market opportunities to enterprises and satisfactory qualified products to owners. However, in China, the frequent phenomenon of bidding is that they compete with themselves by abnormal means such as bidding and colluding with each other secretly. For a long time, many unfair phenomena have become industry rules. If a new enterprise does not operate in accordance with various industry rules, it will not be able to survive in the industry. The consequence of this means and methods of unfair competition is often to cause the decline of product quality and lead to vicious competition among enterprises

7. The outlet of domestic control valve enterprises from the survey results, it is found that the control valve enterprises believe that the main factors restricting the development of the control valve industry are low product quality, insufficient R & D capacity and vicious product competition. The way out for enterprises lies in improving product quality, developing new products, strengthening internal management and adjusting product organization

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