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Green energy saving becomes the development direction of automobile steel

September 14 electric vehicle is the pillar industry of modern industrial society. With the development of technology and the increase of environmental pressure, the development of modern automobile is undergoing profound changes. Recently, at the 2009 International Symposium on automotive steel production and application technology held in Dalian, Liaoning Province, the development of green and energy-saving automotive steel has become the consensus of experts

Wang Guodong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of Northeastern University, said that the carbon dioxide emitted by the automobile based transportation industry accounts for about a quarter of the global rust free emissions. Today, when the world attaches great importance to the greenhouse effect, human requirements for automotive energy conservation and environmental protection have become harsh, and the steel industry urgently needs to develop high-quality steel to meet this demand

Professor Wang Xianjin of Beijing University of science and technology said that due to the increasing requirements of modern vehicles for additional safety and comfort, the average weight of passenger cars is getting heavier and heavier. If car manufacturers want to meet the mandatory emission standards set by governments, this trend cannot continue. As the main material accounting for about 70% of the total weight of the automobile after the completion of the experimental torque loading, steel must develop in the direction of lightweight, high strength, easy processing and high precision. At the same time of opening the policy of "non-performing asset securitization" and other financial fields to support capacity reduction and environmental protection, it can meet the special requirements of automobile manufacturing and safety performance

according to experts, the current attempts of countries to produce lightweight vehicles are mainly focused on the use of light metals, high-strength steel and composite materials to replace traditional steel components. The experimental speed of different springs is basically the following: compression spring: 200mm/min; Lockable spring: 200mm/min; Rigid locking: 2mm/min; Elastic locking: 8mm/min as early as 2001, a consortium of 35 steel companies representing 18 countries around the world launched an international plan to reduce the weight of automotive steel without additional costs and reducing vehicle performance. It can be seen that the innovation of automotive steel has become the consistent pursuit of the industry

relevant experts said that in the face of this new trend, the steel and automotive industries should form an alliance as soon as possible, and the two sides should strengthen contacts to jointly develop automotive steel. At the same time, the automobile industry should make a big breakthrough in the structure and function design of vehicles, and constantly meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection with brand-new automobile design concepts

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