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"Green" express delivery must share

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the monitoring data of the national post office shows that throughout the "double 12" this year, postal and express enterprises received 401 million (fast) mail pieces, an increase of 24.6% year-on-year. It is expected that the express business volume in 2019 will exceed 60 billion pieces, an increase of 22% year-on-year. The peak purchase price has been refreshed frequently, and the express delivery business has been rising. Another problem brought about by this is environmental protection

excessive packaging of express delivery brings huge amount of pollution, which is an industry problem to be solved urgently. After every consumption feast, the explosive growth of express packaging waste has brought heavy pressure to the environment. In recent years, many e-commerce and express delivery enterprises have launched "green" packaging and carton recycling plans, and the national post office has also led the whole industry to carry out green governance, energy conservation and emission reduction of express packaging. Although the concept is good, it is not easy to implement. According to Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua viewpoint" survey, during the "double 11" this year, only a very few businesses used "green" packaging, and many consumers said they "have not heard of or seen 'green' express delivery". Due to the small number of recycling points set up by express delivery enterprises and inconvenient use, as China's waste paper import policy becomes stricter, the effect of waste reduction and recycling is not ideal. The relevant person in charge of the State Post Office also pointed out that there are still shortcomings in the greening, standardization and recycling of express packaging, and the public has insufficient perception of the measures and achievements of the industry's ecological environmental protection work

"green" express delivery is cold, mainly due to the increase of enterprise costs, unreasonable setting of recovery points, and low consumer cooperation. To establish the distribution, recycling, scrapping and other systems of circular packaging, enterprises need to invest more research and development and management costs. The experimental method of related negative reverse zigzag experimental machine: the person in charge said that compared with ordinary cartons, the single use cost of "green flow boxes" with "green" packaging is about 40% higher. In addition, if each order is delivered by appointment, consumers' time is inconvenient and couriers are troublesome, which are "barriers" in the recycling process. In the piecework compensation mode, packers and distributors lack "green" motivation. For consumers, it is either to open the package on site and take the parts directly and leave the "green" packaging, or to send the "green" packaging to the recycling point afterwards. "Inconvenient" is the common answer of consumers

to reduce express waste, the key is to solve the multi-agent interest equation and get through the "green" express Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a strict cycle path for the maintenance of the experimental machine. The government should formulate effective supporting policies to help enterprises reduce operating costs and improve their "green" development momentum. Enterprises should look at the cost from a long-term perspective. After all, the overall cost of "green" packaging is lower than that of ordinary cartons after repeated turnover and large-scale promotion. In addition, the cooperation of consumers is the key to the operation of the recyclable system. Enterprises should consider how to encourage residents to cooperate in recycling when setting up vertical packaging recycling devices, especially when the steel strip transaction is weak, such as giving corresponding Express coupons or points, guiding consumers to improve their awareness of environmental protection, opening and leaving packages on site, and trying to recycle express packaging boxes with complete functions and good appearance. As a consumer, it really takes a process to get out of the "inconvenient" and "troublesome" comfort zone and bid farewell to the habits that have been formed for a long time, but only by taking a step forward can we implement the "green" concept in the details of life and turn it into civilized consciousness. Therefore, only by strengthening the awareness of all parties, sharing responsibilities and working together can "green" express really land

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