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Green engine rexa heavy machine phalanx "bright sword" Shanghai BMW exhibition

green engine rexa heavy machine phalanx "bright sword" Shanghai BMW exhibition

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recently, the green power leader rexa heavy machine has become a fan with strength at the just concluded Shanghai BMW exhibition, setting off a "green whirlwind" in the construction machinery industry! As the world's largest construction machinery exhibition, BMW exhibition in Germany brings together the world's leading construction machinery equipment and services. Reza heavy machinery, also derived from German technology, uses advanced products and innovative top mounted chassis integrated service ABS and PMMA alloy service system, and also shares with Chinese customers the experience and concept of China Germany tripartite integrated R & D and manufacturing, creating a new engine for the transformation and upgrading of China's construction machinery industry

independent innovation continues to lead the "national five year plan" era

under the new normal of the construction machinery industry, it maintains a steady growth trend and achieves new breakthroughs. Based on the "national five year plan", Reza heavy machinery adheres to its original intention, complies with the policy, and makes technological breakthroughs in the "national five year plan" products, from the upgraded L9 series products equipped with a new generation of ISG green clean power engine, The industry has launched the lightest self weight regulatory mixer and the latest ftc55q5 truck crane, completing the upgrading of the whole series of products

with excellent product performance and advanced innovation ability, Reza heavy machinery has become the brand with the most complete product line, the highest announcement rate and the highest product maturity in the construction machinery industry. The product sales of Reza's "national fifth" army account for half of the industry. The newly launched regulatory mixer truck and Reza ftc55q5 truck crane, which have the lightest weight in the industry and are now the first in market sales, help users rise against the trend and release greater value under the new normal of the industry market with their new image of super performance, super reliability, super efficiency, super energy saving, super safety and super comfort

green transformation, innovation to seize the commanding height

as the only enterprise in the industry that can provide "complete sets of green environmental protection concrete construction" equipment, Reza heavy machinery takes green power as the premise, adheres to the emission upgrading technical route of "high pressure common rail", ftc55q5 automobile crane integrates the world's leading technological innovation, widens the scope of adaptation to the working environment, and has passed rigorous test and inspection in boom technology, chassis technology In terms of lifting strength, driving comfort and intelligent management, the products can meet the needs of Chinese users and have reached the leading level of "national five year plan" products. Under strict quality control, the whole vehicle inherits the core technology of German Daimler chassis and the new generation of rotary flow control technology. Through integrated research, development, innovation and manufacturing, the reliability of the product is improved by 15%, the efficiency is improved by 20%, and the energy is saved by 15%. The performance of "safety, reliability, economic and environmental protection, high end quality" is achieved, and the super efficiency and super energy saving are truly realized. Replacing steel with aluminum alloy material is the general trend, ultra-low fuel consumption Super safe and reliable excellent quality

in addition, there is another great general worth paying attention to - Reza heavy machinery lightweight 3-bridge 6F and 4-bridge 8F concrete mixer. With the promotion of overload laws and regulations, as the only enterprise in the industry to build an intelligent factory that conforms to industry 4.0 and can provide "complete sets of green concrete construction" equipment, Reza heavy machinery complies with the national policy that the inflection point is the switching point between elastic deformation and plastic deformation of data, takes the safety and interests of customers' vehicles as its own responsibility, combines the tripartite integrated research and development and manufacturing of China and Germany, inherits the German technology and Cummins power, The weight of the whole vehicle is the lightest in the industry, with a year-on-year reduction of more than 5% in the weight of other competing vehicles in the industry. With the five breakthrough points of "ultra reliability, ultra efficiency, ultra energy saving, ultra safety and Ultra Comfort", the efficiency of the whole vehicle can be improved by 30%, the working efficiency can be saved by 50% every year, the overall fuel saving can be achieved by 12%, and the fuel consumption can be saved by 22800 yuan/year (calculated by 50000 kilometers per year)

the 4-day BMW exhibition of Reza heavy machinery has yielded a lot. Thousands of visitors have visited the Reza heavy machinery platform, and more than 100 interested customers have signed purchase letters on site. Standing at the new starting point of the "national five year plan", Reza heavy machinery seized new opportunities, stimulated green growth momentum, and embarked on a green development road led by innovative technology. It assisted the construction machinery industry with new products, services, and kinetic energy to add bricks and tiles to the national economic construction, and provided high-tech, new energy, and highly reliable products and services to customers at home and abroad

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