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Green has become the third mobile phone manufacturer in the industry to use this technology to deal with plastics. It is always spring. Since the two industrial revolutions, human natural resources and environmental pollution have evolved more and more fiercely with the torrent of market competition. While many enterprises are still only "pursuing profit maximization" and have no time to take into account the real meaning of environmental protection and energy conservation, one enterprise is different - in the nearly 40 years since its establishment, it has not only consciously fulfilled the corporate society and protected the natural environment everywhere in the production and manufacturing process, but also focused on developing efficient and energy-saving products and providing overall solutions such as energy management and industrial automation, Share the business philosophy of "environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth" with customers all over the world

this is Delta Electronics Group

a multinational giant in the power electronics industry, which has grown into the world's largest switching power supply supplier and is in a leading position in many fields such as power supply, video communication, industrial automation, network communication products and renewable energy, and has 36 production bases and 43 R & D centers around the world

recently, Mr. Zhang xunhai, general manager of the mechanical and electrical business department of Delta Electronics Group, was interviewed and talked about how the mechanical and electrical business department implemented the concept of "environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth" throughout its production and operation

actively develop "high-performance products"

the businesses covered by Delta Electromechanical business division occupy an important position in the strategic territory of Delta Electronics Group. Its industrial automation products have now gained a good reputation in the user circles in Chinese Mainland and the global market. While realizing its own development, Delta Electromechanical business department always keeps the group's business philosophy of "environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth" in mind

general manager Zhang xunhai said: "Energy conservation and emission reduction is not just a matter of which country, but of all enterprises and individuals around the world. We hope to help customers achieve the purpose of saving electricity, manpower and materials by implementing the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection in the production and operation process and using the industrial automation products and Solutions provided by Delta, improve energy efficiency and make our contribution to creating a better living environment on earth."

so far, all series of products of Delta Electromechanical's three product lines of control, motion and drive have played an active role in this green energy-saving movement, and have been favored by many industry users. For example, the recently launched high-efficiency brushless DC motor and driver is an innovative product that integrates brushless DC motor and driver. It is small in size and light in weight. It has neither spark and maintenance problems of traditional carbon brushes, nor rotor loss. It can be used in many industries such as commercial heating and cooling air conditioners, washing machines, clothes dryers, medical equipment, etc. and its full load efficiency is 20% higher than that of traditional induction motors, so as to achieve the purpose of substantial power saving. "In fact, this indirectly saves a lot of coal and oil for power generation when the materials yield, which is beneficial to the protection of earth resources." Zhang said

another "work" of Delta Electromechanical business department with obvious energy-saving effect recently is the system solution of oil mixing injection molding machine. It is reported that the injection molding machine using this scheme can save more than 50% energy than the traditional injection molding machine. Today, with the increasingly fierce competition in the machinery manufacturing industry, the technical energy-saving plan of Delta Electromechanical business department will save users a lot of costs, so as to enhance its market competitiveness

nowadays, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the general trend of international industrial development, and delta automation has also taken "high-efficiency products" as one of the key development projects in the future. President Zhang planned the future development in this way: improving product efficiency, adding energy-saving design, developing high-efficiency motors, etc. will be the areas that Delta's electronic and electromechanical business department will focus on in the future. Delta Automation will continue to provide users with more environmentally friendly, efficient and energy-saving products, and strive to create huge social benefits while creating economic benefits for enterprises

promote in depth and be a "cost-effective solution provider"

the sudden financial crisis has affected the pattern of the entire world economy. Many enterprises are annoyed by the shrinkage of the market and the depression of the economy, while general manager Zhang xunhai has another view on the changes brought about by the financial crisis

"in terms of the wave of the great recession of the world economy, it will cause various injuries to any enterprise in any country. Countries with poor systems may take a long time to recover or collapse. Enterprises with poor physique and weak competitiveness may be defeated and disappear in the market because of this, and enterprises that can survive will have the opportunity to allocate a better position in the reorganization of the market order." Zhang xunhai, general manager, said

why? "We can maintain the established development direction while everyone strictly controls the budget and slows down the growth, which will help us get a favorable position. Especially, the main markets of Delta Electromechanical business division are in the mainland and emerging countries, which happen to be regions with rapid recovery, so as long as we grasp it, we should have a good performance."

another reason for optimism is that Delta's business mission of "environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth" is very consistent with the energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection policies that the government is actively promoting. Therefore, general manager Zhang xunhai believes that Delta Electronics will grasp the policy and strive to achieve good results

in fact, the optimistic foundation of delta mechanical and electrical business department lies in the wide industrial depth and coverage, and the good physique and competitiveness. Thirteen years ago, Delta Electromechanical entered the market from driving products. Now it has successfully expanded the market of sports and control products. Zhang xunhai, general manager, believes that in the next step, Delta's electronic and electromechanical business department will change the previous sales model of single machine or spare parts, move forward to the role of providing system solutions, and set the goal as "an economic and effective solution provider". This is vividly reflected in its subsidiary Zhongda Diantong. Unlike ordinary manufacturers who only pay attention to the use performance of individual products, Zhongda Diantong relies on the parent company Delta's complete product line and its strong technology integration ability to have an in-depth understanding of many industries such as textile, machine tool, printing, packaging, building, machinery, etc., and provide users with customized integration Solutions - more economical and effective solutions - this system integration ability, It just meets the requirements of China's manufacturing industry for long energy-saving service life, efficiency enhancement and industrial upgrading, and has also shown strong competitiveness

"the demand for high-speed and high-precision energy conservation is gradually increasing, and in order to meet this demand, we must consider the system as a whole. At present, delta is actively developing high-speed communication functions and system application technology, and firmly moving towards system solutions. We firmly believe that what will bring high value to customers in the future is absolutely an economic and effective system solution." Zhang xunhai, general manager, said

green enterprises are always spring

"environmental protection, energy conservation, love the earth" is the business mission of Delta Electronics Group. Since zhengchonghua, the chairman of the group and the "godfather of environmental protection", environmental protection and energy conservation have penetrated into every corner of the enterprise

general manager Zhang xunhai said that in any organization of Delta Electronics Group in the world, there will be a "green life map" (referred to as "green map") to mark the relevant environmental protection points of humanity, water conservation, electricity conservation and emission reduction in the environment, so that employees can easily see what environmental protection matters are in the environment and understand the principles and concepts of environmental protection. And the electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine. Moreover, delta took the lead in the industry to realize the "lead-free process" of full product production, ensuring that the finished products meet the world's most stringent environmental protection standards; The factory office located in Tainan Science Park is also built based on the design concept of green buildings, which saves more than 30% energy compared with traditional buildings

"through the green map, we make every employee have the awareness of environmental protection and experience the fun of it. The quality of the environment is related to health and mood, as well as work efficiency. Give employees a good environment, work efficiency is improved, and the enterprise is also profitable!" Zhang xunhai, general manager, said

as for the statement that many people mistakenly believe that paying attention to energy conservation in the production process will increase costs, general manager Zhang xunhai explained: "in fact, this is the concept of ordinary people. As long as we try to solve it carefully, it will not increase costs but save resources." Taida Wujiang plant is an excellent example of using energy-saving systems to reduce costs. For example, the power recovery system developed by Taida can reuse more than 85% of electric energy, while the use of water recovery system can save 75190 tons of water per year. Delta has proved with facts that "energy conservation and environmental protection is not spending money, but saving money."

Delta has maintained steady and rapid growth in the past 40 years, and its corporate governance is also very healthy - just like the organic and natural growth of towering trees in nature. As mentioned earlier, this is not accidental. And we also believe that after experiencing this economic crisis, Delta will be able to "make a lot of grain and a lot of money"

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