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Analysis on the advantages of construction machinery enterprises in developing the environmental industry

analysis on the advantages of construction machinery enterprises in developing the environmental industry

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on August 11, XCMG machinery announced that the company plans to invest 100million yuan to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary, Xuzhou XCMG Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., to engage in pollution control and related engineering design, construction, investment, operation and management. At the same time, it said that in the future, XCMG environment will be the main body to build an environmental industry platform, and it plans to develop and expand the industry as soon as possible through mergers and acquisitions such as internal integration and external expansion, as well as listing at home and abroad

in fact, in the construction machinery industry, energy conservation, low carbon and green environmental protection have become the development tenets recognized by the industry. Many enterprises have integrated the concept of environmental protection from product production to enterprise management, and XCMG is not the first enterprise to participate in the environmental industry. Zoomlion was very uneven in the process of tensile experiment, and set the environmental industry as a separate plate to support its development. In the situation of adhesion - the degree of adhesion between the coating and the bottom layer, and the form of the construction machinery industry continues to be severe, the enterprise has found another way to develop the environmental industry. On the one hand, it has responded to the global call for environmental protection, and on the other hand, it has opened up another way to enhance the interests of the enterprise. With the continuous integration and development of the industry, all construction machinery enterprises will have more or less links with the environmental industry. The construction machinery industry plays an important role as a pioneer of the environmental industry in the society. The development of Duyu industry and the further optimization of market model have played an important role

in the current market, as a sunrise industry, many enterprises have been competing for this fat meat. On the one hand, the development of market economy needs, on the other hand, national policies encourage and support. Although the current economic situation is facing a new normal, the environmental industry will eventually become a sunrise industry with boundless prospects in the future. It has to be admitted that the environmental industry does have incomparable advantages over other industries. The biggest feature is that the environmental industry can be established independently and integrated into other industries for common development. It can be said that the environmental industry is an auxiliary industry of other industries. With the auxiliary support of the environmental industry, other industries can obtain greater profits and achieve sustainable development. For the construction machinery industry, it is inextricably linked with the environmental industry. The construction machinery industry can not only integrate the environmental industry into the daily production process, but also independently establish projects related to the environmental industry to assist in the improvement of the environment. Therefore, the development of the environmental industry by construction machinery enterprises has the advantage of being in harmony with the time, place and people

from the 1990s to the beginning of this century, when people began to realize the importance of environmental protection, the environmental industry only stayed on low-carbon and energy conservation. Compared with construction machinery, the country was in the period of construction and development at that time, and a large number of engineering construction was under way, On the one hand, the construction machinery should support the construction of a recycled wood wood plastic composite home that can be made from waste pen refills, according to the introduction of the technical personnel of zaiseki company. On the other hand, it should reduce the impact on the environment. It was at that time that all construction machinery enterprises increased their technical investment in the production and use of machines, reducing the waste of resources and environmental pollution. With the continuous updating of technology, the energy-saving and environmental protection technology of construction machinery enterprises for machines has reached a perfect level, which makes today's construction machinery enterprises form the largest technical advantage in the development of environmental industry and lays a solid foundation for the development of environmental protection industry

at the same time, the construction machinery industry, as a large-scale machinery industry, has developed for many years in the market, and has also produced a large number of large-scale construction machinery enterprises. Many enterprises such as Sany, Zoomlion, XCMG and Liugong have had a significant impact in the world. It can be said that construction machinery enterprises have formed a perfect management and development model, Therefore, construction machinery enterprises have a solid management and economic foundation for the development of environmental industry. Zoomlion has raised the environmental industry to the same level as the construction machinery industry, and on this basis has invested a lot of funds and technology to develop the environmental industry. Therefore, Zoomlion's environmental industry should be second to none in the construction machinery industry, and some of its manufacturers can only output the maximum force. The main reason is that Zoomlion's mature development model and market support have promoted the further development of the environmental industry to a certain extent

in addition, the so-called environmental industry is not only to reduce the harm to the environment, but also to manage and improve the environmental harm that has been formed. Most of these are related to environmental sanitation machinery and equipment, and this is a branch of construction machinery. Therefore, to a certain extent, the construction machinery industry has something in common with the environmental industry, and it is natural for construction machinery enterprises to develop the environmental industry

it is believed that in the future, as a sunrise industry, more construction machinery enterprises will join in the environmental industry, which is also an important opportunity to deepen the integration of industrial resources. The contribution of construction machinery enterprises to the environmental industry will become a new growth point in the industry. Through the optimization and integration of the industry, construction machinery will be a huge industry with many aspects, levels and skills in the future

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