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The green food industry desperately needs green packaging to keep up with

green food refers to pollution-free, safe, high-quality and nutritious food that follows the principle of sustainable development, is produced according to specific production methods, and is recognized by specialized agencies and licensed to use the green food logo trademark

in recent years, the production of green food in China has developed rapidly, and the consumption of green food has become a trend that is constantly expanding. In the coming period, when the green food industry gangs in China steal, they were found by the watchman that the development will face four favorable environments and conditions: first, the strategic adjustment of agricultural structure will promote the accelerated development of green food in all regions, and the development of green food will become an important aspect and field of agricultural structure adjustment. Second, the implementation of the western region development strategy will also promote the development of green food. Third, China's entry into WTO will have a profound impact on China's agricultural production and trade. Developing green food will help improve the market competitiveness of China's agricultural products. Fourth, the dissemination, publicity and guidance of the concept of green consumption will further cultivate and consolidate green food consumer groups, promote the construction of green food market, and further promote the development of green food products. However, what is extremely inconsistent with the current expansion trend of green food is that many green food currently do not have corresponding green packaging. Experts predict that green food will dominate the world market in the next 10 years

green food must have green packaging, which has become the new fashion of green food packaging in the new world and the mainstream of packaging. In the face of such a huge business opportunity, can China's packaging industry firmly grasp it? Green packaging refers to the packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, has no environmental pollution, can be recycled and recycled, and can promote sustainable development. Developed countries have determined the principle of "4r+ for this ID", that is, low consumption, development of new green materials, reuse, recycling and degradability. Preferential experimental machine absolutely guarantees the quality

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