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Green food refuses harmful packaging

buying green food is safe and healthy, but consumers often ignore the harm of its packaging to food. It was learned from Hangzhou Bureau of quality supervision yesterday that in order to improve the safety of green food, the new national "general guidelines for green food packaging" will be officially issued in the near future. The guidelines have made new provisions on the packaging materials and labels of green food, including that the packaging surface should not be waxed and oiled, and the ink or the adhesive for labeling should be non-toxic and should not be in direct contact with food

at present, many plastic bags and plastic trays used in green food on the market are made of PVC. They not only regularly apply a thin layer of mos22 molybdenum sulfide and grease to human body, but also have the functional characteristics of digital spring testing machine: toxic, and they are likely to pollute the environment after use. The guidelines put forward specific provisions on the use of paper packaging, metal packaging, plastic products, outer packaging, etc. in food packaging. If required, the surface of the package shall not be waxed or oiled; It is not allowed to apply moisture-proof materials such as plastic; The marks on the cartons must be made with water-soluble ink, and oil-soluble ink is not allowed. Metal packaging and glass products should not use sealing materials and internal coatings that cause harm to human body and the environment; Expanded polystyrene, polyurethane and other products shall not be used for plastic products; The outer package shall have explicit instructions for the use of materials and instructions for reuse and recycling, and green food. A water pressure test mark must be made for the plastic water supply pipeline. The ink printed on the outer package or the adhesive pasted on the label should be non-toxic and should not be in direct contact with food

at the same time, the code also stipulates that the storage and transportation of green food must be clean and hygienic. Degradable food packaging and non tensile machine tensile test are the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials. 1. Food packaging should be stored and transported separately, and should not be transported together with pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals

in addition, the new national compulsory certification standard for food packaging materials is expected to be officially implemented within the year. Enterprises have strict regulations on human safety, including the environmental safety of used waste, from raw material procurement to production process, and then to the use of products. Production is not allowed if one aspect fails to meet the requirements

source: China's ecological economy

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