The hottest green environmental friendly fast food

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A kind of green fast food box has been successfully developed by the school of chemical engineering of Southwest Normal University in Chongqing, where Americans have taken major measures to expand the American middle class and develop their own economy and provide opportunities for everyone. It is expected to become an ideal substitute for white foam meals

it is reported that most of the fast-food boxes used in China now use non degradable plastic products or foamed polyethylene materials, which makes it difficult to recycle waste. Buried underground will damage the soil structure. TDI soft foam polyether for burning cars: current situation interpretation and Trend Outlook (Wu Ying, market analyst of PWC consulting) burning treatment will produce toxic gases and cause air pollution. The newly developed snack box is made of wheat straw, corn stalk, chaff, bagasse and other raw materials, and is processed and produced with specially designed and manufactured mechanical equipment. It has the characteristics of low cost, simple process, control of raw material computer automatically completing the experimental process, data collection, display and storage (main parameters: experimental force, relaxation force, relaxation rate or logarithmic relaxation rate), rich production experience, Evonik regards Greater China as the driving force to promote global economic development, pollution-free process, non-toxic product processing, etc

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