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One year on in Mallorca - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

They’ve locked down Lombardy”, my husband Oliver tells me. I’m cooking dinner for us and our daughter in our kitchen in our house. “How can they lock up a whole region?” I ask, my mind racing to understand the ramifications of a lock down. We watch the news, it seems unreal. All of those people confined to their homes because of a dangerous virus that was out of control. Surely this was the plot of a movie?

It’s March 9th 2020The camera. They use several methods for stealin. A couple of days before we had completed the seven day walk of the GR221 for my birthday. We had been sleeping in the refugios in shared dormitories with strangers. All of us in bunk beds, sharing the bathrooms, sitting next to each other eating dinner and breakfast. Laughing, making conversation, having fun. Returning to our house and the news of the rapid spread of COVID19 was shocking. My parents in law arrived from the UK for a week’s visit. My mother in law, a retired nurse, presented me with some homemade surgical masks that she had sewn at home. “What are these for?” I asked scornfully. “You can’t be too carefulThe need to maintain lockdowns.,” she replied. Wear a mask? What, like an anxious Asian tourist in London? What an overreaction I had told myself and put the masks somewhere on a shelf. How naive I was.

Friday March 13th, Coronavirus was confirmed in all of the 50 provinces in Spain. I took my daughter to school in Palma. “Babe, bring home your school books with you, I have a feeling that you won’t be going to school for a week or so”. My daughter looked at me as if I was mad. “Err, okay.” The news through the day, the rumours of a lockdown similar to Italy’s. How it could it not happen now? The virus was rampaging through the population. On the TV news there were terrifying scenes of people in intensive care hooked up to ventilators. “I think we are going to be locked down” I said, but only to myselfThe diplomacy also,, and very, very quietly. And the next day, on March 14th 2020 we were. The news came to us in the evening. My father in law, already worrying about getting back to the UK, began to panic a little about their flight. The text came that all flights were cancelled, but that now there would be repatriation flights. He spent hours on hold.

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