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Is the heart really broken? Nowadays, Chinese business owners are generally confused about the confidence and courage of leaders to grasp the overall situation. The optimistic prospect of the situation is an important factor for organizational stability. In addition to keeping calm under all circumstances, it is very important for leaders to always grasp the correct strategy and implementation. Without the vision of operation, the cohesion is empty

(I) confusion

today's most outstanding business owners are also troubled by similar personnel problems: "yesterday, they were still working with the team to passionately study the sales strategy for the second half of the year. Today, they suddenly submitted their resignation, which is too lacking in sense!" This is the angry condemnation of many senior managers for the way functional executives leave their jobs! It seems that the former employee acted graciously and decisively immediately after he got the offer of the new unit. All the previous preparations were carried out underground, which reminded people of the old saying: "people are unpredictable". The old customs of loyalty and righteousness have disappeared

"I can only praise him, not criticize him! I just wake him up without much criticism. I won't come today. The quality of young people under pressure is too poor!" Bosses generally believe that young employees today can only take the boat with the wind, and lack the fighting spirit of enduring humiliation and bearing heavy burdens, so the general situation is worrying

"corruption of senior government officials, favoritism of enterprise executives, the pursuit of interests by all the people in society, and impetuosity and shortsightedness have become the general trend of today. Giving a little interest will lead to leaving. It is useless to have any corporate culture, ideological education or mission vision." Many bosses believe that there is a suspicion of idealism that corporate culture is divorced from reality. Money worship has completely defeated morality. Whether the government or the media, their actions are sparing no effort to guide the idea that money is everything

a boss of an industry and trade group with outstanding performance said: "people born in the 1960s and 1980s have experienced the cultural revolution, reform and opening up (negating the old and failing to keep up with the new) , ideals disappear, beliefs disappear, and only interests remain. Without faith and awe, self - centeredness swells. New things are dazzling, and people lose themselves in pursuit. People's spirit has correspondingly become narrow, selfish, irritable, and stress oriented, with less meditation and consciousness. " "The myth of wealth creation that continues to appear around us, coupled with the surrounding worship of the rich without analysis, makes people's minds full of speculation, quick money awareness, and the idea of seizing the opportunity to make a profit." "Can the corporate culture resist the general trend of social culture and adjust the board to the outside?"

(II) characteristics of the times and motivation of confused behaviors

if these behaviors come with the times, we must examine what changes have been brought about by the times and social development, and find out the motivation of human behavior change from these changes. This serious research should be sampled and analyzed in a wide range, but this article is only based on the exchange of perception, so I just focus on the most prominent elements

the impact of social changes on young people (born in the 1960s and 1980s) over the past two decades has made them live in a social environment different from their parents:

1 The turbulence of life: modern people feel more pressure than their poor parents. Social development is faster, knowledge is updated faster, personal prospects are more uncertain or more dependent on competition and unremitting efforts, lay-off cases around us, the increase of various expenses aggravates the threat of uncertainty (physical diseases, etc.) to future life, the aggravation of surrounding complaints to anxiety, and the burden of traditional life concepts (the increased cost of fulfilling various obligations)...

2 Diversification of life temptations and work choices: the value of the commercial society is always connected with manufacturing and satisfying temptations. People seem to have been thrown into a whirlpool. Instead of calm, they have to make increasingly difficult choices in energy distribution (career, hobbies and Life Adventures). At the same time, there are more and more career choices that can provide personal development, ambition and money opportunities, People will naturally form a new attitude towards employment and being employed; Under the pressure of rhythm and more temptations, people's behavior change is superficial first. For example: this difference is like my brother who is ten years older than me practising tai chi sword for 40 years, and my son who has become a master of video games for three months. The philosophy of Tai Chi's attack is to overcome the hard with softness and strike after the hard, and the art is endless and lifelong; Video games are: reaction is faster than thinking, and "when will the next version of the game be launched?"

3. Life ideals and values have indeed changed dramatically. The noble sentiments and beliefs held by the parents are based on the value of "eternity" and "spirit". In this sense, today's young people have no ideals. But if we think deeply, you will find that the facts are not the same. The younger generation is only more realistic, more courageous and more equal to the humanistic spirit. The parents believe that if you don't look like yourself in a certain field in your life, you are "idling around", and if you want to achieve something, you must step down and devote your life's love and energy to it; The younger generation may think more: this life can not be wasted. I should make a good balance between rapid achievement and pleasure. Pleasure and indulgence are not against morality

the above three points constitute the difference between the current society and the era of parents. This helps us to understand the motivational structure behind the behavior patterns of the younger generation: life stress, opportunity (temptation) attraction, instant gratification and quick victory

it is understandable to get rid of the pressure or seek the unrealistic "work in one battle" mentality. Speculative enthusiasm does not mean lack of morality. The people who are most eager to buy lottery tickets under pressure are always the poorest and most stressed

once after I gave a speech, an audience waited for a long time. All the people waiting to answer the questions were gone. He timidly said to me, "teacher Zhang, I have something on my mind..." He told me about a time when he had been a sorry friend. He repeatedly stressed that his decision at that time was absolutely based on two premises: one No harm to friends, but great benefit to yourself; II He is sure that he can succeed, and after that he will repay and compensate his friends. But later he did not succeed, so he lost the opportunity to compensate, and he lost his friend forever. Over the years, he has been living in pain. What makes him miserable is not the blame of his conscience, but the contempt of his friends

the Enlightenment of more similar cases: what the times shake is not the value of loyalty and trust. In fact, loyalty and trust have become more important in this impetuous and turbulent society (this conclusion can be drawn from the performance of both sides of the contradiction). However, to see this, you must understand: what kind of balance people under pressure are struggling to make. You need understanding wisdom

loyalty is no longer a commitment to simple and specific behaviors in a complex environment of overlapping interests. Today, loyalty lies in the values behind the tradeoffs of complex consequences when an individual takes action to deal with a multivariable process. As long as you have enough patience and tolerance, and always trust your friends and colleagues with confidence, you will get more loyalty and trust

however, there are more tragedies in life: too impatient (similar to knee jerk reaction) accusations have aroused emotional retaliation, leading to the widespread inequality in the mentality of our times. The original concern has been turned into a reality of returning evil with evil under the interaction of emotions. Even some young people are unable to cope with the pressure, and have no patience and confidence in obtaining the understanding of others, so their feelings begin to break away from the society and become irritable and even crazy

what we feel about the world today is related to our own attitudes and behaviors. It is very important for us to seize this point to acquire wisdom

before the anxiety about safety is lifted, higher needs (Maslow) are only the hidden worries of noble individuals. His misinterpreted impatience for quick success and instant benefit aggravates his irritability or self abandonment. In addition, after "money worship" was improperly summarized as the prevailing trend of the times, the clouds covered the eyes, and the whole society showed a big picture of a poor mentality. "Consensus" can often replace reality in the social system, which exacerbated people's anxiety

it seems that a group of escapees are scrambling to escape. But what we should always remember is that the people who survived the Titanic still miss and respect the heroes who gave up their lives in the emergency

in any individual, there are always two attributes: Life attribute and social attribute; Life attribute is the premise, and social attribute provides meaning! The essence of ideal is to break through the reality and extend the limited life with noble spirit through meaning. On this basis, the essence of human ideal has not changed and will not change. When we only rely on individual strength to cope with changes and pressures, and do not let go of the temptation of pleasure, the spiritual pursuit has become recessive, complex and profound on the whole. At the same time, it will also create a large number of lost people. But this is by no means the inevitable pessimistic result of the times. The mainstream of mankind will eventually return and morality will never die

(III) several challenges of enterprise management

the changes of the times have indeed brought challenges to enterprise management, which is illustrated by the confusion of the aforementioned bosses. These challenges can be summed up in four aspects:

1 The pressure of social shared culture: human beings always have some weaknesses. These weaknesses sometimes show that they are eager to seek community consensus (before thinking) to relieve their inner pressure, or they exchange their own reasons for wrongdoing by first pointing out the wrongdoing of others. This is extremely easy to spread logical confusion, unprincipled and incorrect ideas in the community. The worship of the "majority principle" in many cases leads to the challenge of correcting collective mistakes

I have deeply felt the ideological toxin in some enterprises, and the organizational poisoning is very deep. In a foreign trade enterprise, almost all employees think that it is the right thing to do specific business, and it is incompetent to engage in support functions. And there are subtext, with business experience and customer relations, you can eat wherever you go in the future. As a result, people are very interested in business negotiation, business trip and organizational supply, and have relatively obvious low interest in organizational change and quality training. People here feel that having resources in hand is safer and more reliable than having more professional functional technology, because the former can be independent, while the latter still depends on others. This is obviously not self defeating in Shanghai, where the business is relatively developed, because entrepreneurial risks and the accumulation of professional ability are not necessarily superior

in fact, these ideas are not reliable in other regions. The key is how leaders understand the demand level drive behind the ideological trend and take firm and powerful actions to guide it. A leader must not underestimate the power of his own adherence to the idea that his words are consistent with his deeds. The main reasons for the lack of leadership strength are: the idea is not firm enough, and the words and deeds are obviously inconsistent

it should also be reminded that some leaders have adopted plans that promise employees to be safer, but their attitude towards doing things makes people feel contradictory motives, so the effect is opposite. Leaders who lead the culture must have true faith in their own behavior ideas

2. Greed: many enterprise bosses complain that "people's hearts are not enough, snakes swallow elephants"

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