Three misunderstandings in purchasing wooden doors

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When many consumers buy wooden doors, they judge by the appearance of the wooden doors, and the results are inferior wooden doors. How to judge the quality of wooden door products? Next, the experts of European wooden doors will introduce you to the three misunderstandings of choosing wooden doors

I. is the quality of raw wood door products better and more environmentally friendly

in the minds of many people, raw wood doors are definitely more environmentally friendly and of relatively better quality due to the use of pure solid wood raw materials. Environmental protection mainly depends on whether the glue used in the production of wooden doors is environmentally friendly, and whether the content of heavy metals in opaque painted wooden doors exceeds the standard. Judging from the manufacturing method, the raw wood door may contain a little less glue, but as long as it meets the national standards, it is environmentally friendly. The processed finished raw wood door has the characteristics of environmental protection, small deformation, corrosion resistance, not easy to crack and heat insulation, and also has good sound insulation performance, which effectively plays a role in sound insulation. However, the technological quality of the original wooden door is very high, with the advantages of luxury, beauty and unique shape

second, the lower the formaldehyde emission of wooden doors, the better

when choosing wooden door products, many people require that the lower the formaldehyde emission, the better. They think that the wooden door with the lower emission will be more environmentally friendly. The release of free formaldehyde is indeed the most important environmental protection index of wooden doors. Free formaldehyde is inherent in all wood-based panel products using urea formaldehyde resin adhesive as adhesive. However, the lower the free formaldehyde emission, the better. Free formaldehyde affects the strength of wood-based panel products to a certain extent, and urea formaldehyde resin adhesive should be used as adhesive in the production of wood-based panel substrate for wooden doors. If the free formaldehyde is too low, the strength of wood solid wood composite door products is difficult to be guaranteed, and the quality is relatively poor

third, the cheaper the wooden door, the better

a cheaper price is better. This is the consumption psychology of many people. Many consumers naturally think that the cheaper the more cost-effective when buying wooden doors. When buying wooden doors, you should carefully choose the cheapest products. Products with a lower price than the normal market are usually overstocked products, trial production products, products that may not meet the standard requirements due to treatment or quality. After using such products for a period of time, they may not have quality problems, or they may gradually expose quality problems

most of the quality problems of low-cost wooden doors will be gradually exposed after several years of use, and once they occur, they are difficult to repair. On the contrary, high-quality products usually have a service life of 10-15 years or even longer. If you pay a reasonable price and choose wood door products with high cost performance, you will get comfort and confidence in the whole process of use

when purchasing wooden door products, consumers should not only listen to the one-sided words of the wooden door salesperson, but should make judgments and choices based on all aspects of the wooden door




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