I'm going to get 360000 hold to live in poly heart

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Decoration owner's file:

Community: Poly Xinyu (more poly Xinyu decoration effect pictures) building area: 146 flat room type: 4 bedrooms, 2 halls, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms decoration style: European Rural soft decoration price: 3.6W price includes: Jewelry 1.2W + wallpaper 1.3W + curtain 1.1W soft decoration design: Roman art home accessories soft decoration Museum consultation method: QQ 1685513355, mobile phone 15347059153

international practice first go to the floor plan, I think the layout is quite reasonable. There is a big outdoor garden, which is my favorite. This is the most important reason why I chose this house type at the beginning

soft goods in the living room: 30 imitation roses, European white vases, European retro candlesticks, wooden mannequins, European photo frames, classical ashtrays, European curtains, Brewster wallpaper, etc

the first thing to introduce is the living room. The wallpaper of the TV background wall chooses the pattern of small green leaves, and the other walls choose the more elegant ones around. The crystal light is the highlight, and the lighting effect is very flash, and the golden one is also very high-grade

without this set of pink rose garden sofa, I felt that although the whole room was European style, the tone was a little old, which was not suitable for our young people and lacked the breath of spring. It is also specially equipped with three color imitation roses. Now it seems that you feel very young? ~

this is the thickest and most expensive curtain in the whole room. I took a fancy to the style of the eyebrow of this curtain at first glance. It really feels atmospheric. Moreover, the curtain cloth is very thick and textured, and the color is also very simple and elegant

soft goods in the restaurant: European garden flower utensils, European simulated small rose buds, Brewster wallpaper, Western bone china tableware, etc

behind the sofa is the restaurant. A European style wine cabinet is made. The iconic European style carvings and diamond shaped glass patterns make the wine cabinet more attractive. As for the things in the wine cabinet, I won't introduce them one by one. Let's look at the pictures

soft goods appearing in the porch: European classical table lamps, iron wall hangings, longevity crane decorations, retro candlesticks, European Phnom Penh photo frames, pearl photo frames, Brewster Wallpaper; You can just see the entrance to the restaurant. As soon as you enter the door, you can see the two longevity crane decorations placed on the shoe cabinet. The crane means to prolong life. Flying cranes are good feng shui




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