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Count the "cheating" of led enterprises in recent years: see who is the most "playful"

Chen Sicheng was hot searched by the melon eaters as soon as he cheated. However, in fact, in the entertainment industry, this type of event has long been common. But, you know what? In the LED industry, there are many cheaters, but what I am talking about is not the cheating of enterprise bosses, but the cross-border of enterprises

with the explosive development of the LED industry in the early stage and the entry of financial capital, the competition is becoming increasingly all-round and white hot. Led listed companies tend to become less "secure" and like to cross borders. Whether it is led downstream application enterprises or upstream and midstream enterprises, cross-border has become a trend

a picture shows who is the most "playful"

nowadays, the LED display market is becoming more and more mature, and the profit margin is far from the previous high. In addition, more and more enterprises enter the LED display industry, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the profit margin of enterprises has been diluted again and again. The price competition between conventional LED displays has reached a white hot stage. Although the small LED spacing is hot, the market purchasing power is limited after all, It is also difficult to become a strong growth point for enterprises

a single LED display business has been difficult to meet the requirements of listed enterprises to maintain long-term and stable performance growth, and seeking new profit growth points has become an inevitable choice. In order to better resist market competition, enterprises must form industrial scale, vertically open up the industrial chain, and seek benefits from scale. Those who intend to engage in led business are no longer satisfied with a certain field of LED, but choose to go deep into the LED industry chain to produce and sell high value-added products

popular "cheating" objects of led enterprises

from the perspective of LED display listed enterprises' entry into different industry fields, their entry is not groundless, but in the process of business development, they are closely related to them, or they seem to be profitable industries

cultural media

representative enterprises: LianJian optoelectronics, Wanrun technology, lyad, alto electronics

cultural media has become the first choice for LED display across borders. It is not impossible for LED display to open a new era of outdoor advertising. Compared with traditional outdoor media such as street signs, light boxes and neon lights, LED display has the natural advantages of outdoor advertising media: its manufacturing is not limited by area, and its body is light and thin. It can be attached to various public occasions to display large-scale words, images and animation, plus high brightness, full-color, convenient and fast error detection, It can make advertising more powerful and shocking. As a kind of outdoor media with great development prospects, the unique communication value created by LED display screen is beyond the reach of other traditional outdoor media, and has become the business card of cities in the new era

sports industry

representative enterprises: Lehman shares, liad, alto electronics, abison, and Sanxiong Aurora

with the increasingly perfect industrialization of sports, sports has become a special kind of consumer goods for entertainment. In order to meet the growing needs of sports consumption, more and more people are specialized in the production and management of sports service products. In recent years, with the help of favorable policies, the merger and acquisition of the sports industry and even the transformation to the sports industry by major enterprises have formed a trend. The display screen that provides safety instructions and wonderful live broadcast of competition system for important sports events is a force that can not be ignored in the sports consumer market. The sports industry has developed great commercial value, and many large-scale LED displays have also been used in sports events

vr industry

representative enterprises: liad, Lehman shares and LianJian optoelectronics

at present, the VR industry is booming, and the layout of enterprises and capital is unprecedented. 2016 was hailed as the first year of VR outbreak in the industry, and a large number of VR products went from concept to reality. According to the research report from Goldman Sachs, the market size of vr/ar industry will reach 182billion US dollars in 2025, of which 110billion US dollars is hardware revenue and 72billion US dollars is software. From the analysis data of various authoritative organizations, we can see that the vr/ar industry will be a market of 100 billion dollars in the future. There is no doubt that virtual reality has become a new blue ocean of consumer electronics

as the carrier of terminal display, small spacing LED screens are the best among terminal display products in terms of screen display effect and functionality. Compared with other terminal display products, small spacing LED products can achieve seamless splicing display of large screens, which can bring users an unparalleled visual experience. For ar/vr products, experience is undoubtedly the most important

representative enterprises in the education industry: Qinshang optoelectronics, rectangular lighting, LianJian optoelectronics and xuelaite

insiders believe that under the natural pattern of uneven distribution of China's educational resources, selective examinations and school selection with the college entrance examination as the main type The shift demand basically belongs to this kind of transformation for quite a period of time. It is the "just need" of many K12 children through the wonderful method of generating stress in the material during the printing process. At the same time, the Olympic baby boom in 2008 and the implementation of the comprehensive two-child policy will usher in a good demographic dividend period for k12 education. At present, China's population in the k12 education stage is as high as 180million, and it is expected to reach 212million in 2020

it is understood that nearly 50% of families spend more than 6000 yuan on education every year. Considering the regional differences, the scale of this tuyere market will be trillions. In addition, due to the relatively high trial and error costs, educational products belong to the non price sensitive category. Therefore, the stable increase in demand and price makes k12 education an excellent anti cyclical industry, and the market attention continues to increase

Internet Finance

representative enterprises: alto electronics and Hongli optoelectronics

at present, listed companies have cross-border Internet finance. There are many reasons: for example, tensile strength, elongation at break and characteristic line, etc. with the development of science and technology, the main business growth is weak, which requires a new business layout and breakthrough; Second, provide value-added services based on the existing huge customers; Third, make full use of the brands and resources of various new material market industry leaders in the market segments to provide supply chain financial services for the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, so as to obtain more income and find opportunities for business transformation; Fourth, further extend the industrial chain on the basis of existing financial customers and big data resources; Fifth, market value management through a series of mergers and acquisitions

in the period when the concept of "Internet + is on the right track", many traditional industries or Internet companies have entered the field of Internet finance, which will undoubtedly accelerate the formation and development of China's Internet financial ecosystem. In this process, many benefits will be generated, and Alto can also bring relevant investment income to the company through its participation in Internet finance

M & A is the best way for led enterprises to "derail"

the LED industry itself is an industry with wide boundaries. The interweaving of the integration between the LED industry and other industries is undoubtedly a good thing. It is a new experience for users and a development opportunity for enterprises

for the LED industry, cross-border means entering an industry that has nothing to do with each other. It wants to infiltrate and integrate with each other, so as to produce new highlights. M & A has become an important way for many listed companies to seize market share and achieve rapid development. Through enterprise M & A, advantageous enterprises can implement the M & a strategy with scale and efficiency to realize the combination of strong and strong enterprises, so as to expand the enterprise scale, improve the market share, improve the profit margin, enhance the competitiveness and optimize the allocation of resources, so as to become the market leader. Improving resource utilization and reducing transaction costs can save research and development costs; It can save a lot of investment in intermediate products; It can reduce the expenses in the marketing process; Large transaction costs can be changed into small management costs

it is the most direct and effective way for listed companies to enrich their wings and enter a new field through resource integration and M & A

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