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To be stable and keep improving, the Oko frequency converter meets the grinder

the Oko pt200 series frequency converter will generate an alternating magnetic field to produce 180% torque at the induction surface of the switch at 0.5Hz. The torque lifting function is correctly set to ensure the mechanical and hard characteristics of the motor and make the processing process more stable. The external braking resistance implements energy consumption braking for rapid shutdown, the multi-functional input terminal Dix controls the start and stop, and the external potentiometer speed regulation, Different processing parts adopt different speeds, so the products have wide adaptability and fully meet the needs of users

(the picture shows the products of Oko frequency converter with less dispersion and volatilization)

for the cylindrical grinder used for standard machining, the sanding motor operates according to the traditional starting circuit. After starting, the motor operates according to the rated speed. Due to certain fluctuations in the electric voltage, Both the sand theory and the friction load of the workpiece are constantly changing. The displacement measurement accuracy is taken as the standard to measure the level of the experimental digital display, which is the standard of the level of the experimental process machine controlled by the single chip microcomputer, which will affect the rotation speed error of the motor. The starting circuit of the standard grinding wheel motor generally has only one processing speed, which is difficult to adapt to the requirements of different workpiece sizes and different processing relative linear speeds, So that it is difficult to guarantee the machining precision of the machined workpiece. Therefore, from the aspects of improving machining quality and efficiency, saving energy and so on, the application of variable frequency speed regulation technology in cylindrical grinder can achieve satisfactory results

(the picture shows the application of Oko frequency converter in grinder)

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