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Experience the Haidilao smart restaurant: the running in of machinery, people and machines needs to be improved

Haidilao smart restaurant, where robots pass dishes for diners

robots pass dishes, and the 360 degree holographic image coverage of the mechanical arm side dining area

the queuing time is long, the restaurant lights are dark, and the per capita consumption amount has increased

Haidilao has spent a lot of money to build a smart restaurant, which has attracted many customers since its trial operation

recently, Chengdu Business Daily Red Star visited Haidilao smart restaurant in Beijing and found that on the positive side, the 360 degree stereoscopic projection is beautiful, the small robot delivering dishes is naive, and the dishes are served accurately and more quickly. However, the smart restaurant also has some unsatisfactory aspects, such as long queue time, crowded dining environment, dim lights, constant taste and rising prices

shaozhidong, chief information officer of Haidilao, once said that he would rather that customers would not have enough to eat than that they would not have a bad experience after coming in. This experience found that compared with traditional stores, the service experience of smart restaurants has been weakened. What impact will this have on Haidilao, which is famous for abnormal services

insiders believe that Haidilao smart restaurant is a sample of using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to ensure food safety, reduce labor costs and solve the labor shortage problem in the catering industry. However, some competitors have pointed out that at least for now, the public relations significance of Haidilao new smart restaurant is greater than customer experience and operation efficiency

small robot

it can replace human

it is 120cm high and 50cm wide, and there are three layers of open trays from top to bottom. Through multi-sensor fusion navigation, the small robot transmits vegetables to the designated seat

when there are obstacles on the route, it can identify and bypass them. Customers who encounter obstacles will stop to sell cute. Please excuse me. I will be angry

after the meal is delivered, the robot will remind you that your meal has arrived at table XXX. After taking the meal, don't forget to touch my head or click the screen to confirm. Then return to the kitchen by your own way

it can not replace people

waiters are not worried about unmanned. Haidilao is characterized by service and will never be replaced

Haidilao said that it is still the service personnel who provide services to customers and communicate with them until they break. Moreover, the enthusiasm and warm care given to customers by waiters will not be replaced by robots, nor will there be much change with the use of automation equipment



queued up for more than 1 hour to replace nail polish and shoe polish

13:20, Chengdu Business Daily red star came to Haidilao smart restaurant located in Beijing Zhongjun world city. At this time, it is still lunch time, but the Haidilao clerk said with regret that the lunch is full and the system has stopped issuing numbers. Customers who choose to arrange numbers for dinner can get a 30 yuan gift card and a snack gift bag. She told us that the restaurant began to arrange lunch at 10:30 a.m. every day and received meals at 11:00 a.m; Dinner queuing starts at 3:30 p.m. and dinner is received at 4:00 p.m. At present, the average waiting time of diners is about 1 hour

16:20, come again and get No. 84. Entering the waiting area is like entering a small cinema. The seats on the stairs are full of waiting customers. It was found that there were twoorthree waiters in the waiting area, who provided customers with hot towels, snacks, drinks and consulting services. On the projection screen, which is 13 meters wide and 3 meters high, is a small game independently developed by Haidilao. Customers can scan the QR code on the screen through Haidilao app to play games, and also get small vouchers and free dishes. One corner of the screen is the back kitchen monitoring screen, where you can see the mutton machine, serving room, ingredient room, snack room and other areas

what's the effect of replacing the most famous queuing experience free nail enhancement and shoe polishing with small games? No customers were found playing the game of finding the bottom of the sea. All the customers interviewed said they were not interested in the game, and the face value of the voucher was not attractive enough. They felt that the Haidilao service experience was weakened as soon as they entered the door

insiders believe that replacing nail enhancement, shoe polishing and other special services with small games is to save costs and increase online traffic. The person in charge of Haidilao made a call on this matter, but the other person did not respond positively. Instead, he said: as the first smart restaurant, there may be some differences between the landing and running in of technology and scene and the actual feelings of customers. He hopes to continuously test in the operation, provide better services for customers, and improve the kitchen management level and optimize the cost structure through new technologies

17:35, after waiting for more than an hour, he finally sat down at the table

robots sell cute dishes all over the market with manual assistance

the restaurant has a total area of about 2000 square meters, 93 large and small tables, and the layout is somewhat crowded. The overall lighting of the restaurant on the lower ground floor is dim, but the 360 degree stereoscopic projection brings excellent visual enjoyment. The themes of cherry blossom, snow mountain and starry sky are shown in turn

the dishes are still classic. The absolute wear and tear of the bottom of the pot and the parts cannot be determined. The taste, spicy degree, hemp degree and saltiness and freshness can also be adjusted on the order pad. In less than 3 minutes, the bottom of the pot, mutton and vegetables are all ready. The vegetables look good and fresh. It is reported that all links of food material processing are uniformly advanced to the outsourcing supplier and the central kitchen. All dishes are delivered to the store through the cold chain. The restaurant does not need to wash dishes. The side dishes are also completed by the mechanical arm, which only takes 2 minutes. But it was the flitting waiter who delivered the food to the table, not the famous robot

many people come to the Haidilao smart restaurant to watch the robot. This small robot is 120cm high and 50cm wide. From top to bottom, there are three layers of open trays. The small robot navigates through multi-sensor fusion and transmits dishes to the designated seat as required. When there are obstacles on the route, it can automatically identify and bypass them, and customers who encounter obstacles will stop to sell cute. Please excuse me, I will be angry! Please excuse me, I have to work all the time, or I will lose my job! After the meal is delivered, Haidilao robot will remind you that your meal has arrived at table XXX. After taking the meal, don't forget to touch my head or click the screen to confirm. Then return to the kitchen by your own way

the restaurant has 6 food delivery robots. It is found through calculation that the average moving speed of the robot is close to the normal walking speed of human beings, plus the reaction speed when encountering obstacles, the actual transport capacity may be difficult to meet the needs of customers. The waiter also said frankly that the serving is not completed by the robot. The speed of the robot is not fast enough, and some manual dishes are required

ai is mostly applied to kitchen attendants who don't worry about being unmanned

except for the dish delivery robot, there is no significant reduction in welcome, cleaning and service personnel at the front end of Haidilao. The unmanned smart restaurant is mainly reflected in the back kitchen. The application of automation equipment is concentrated in the robot intelligent food preparation, automatic pot preparation machine, robot meal delivery and the back kitchen information management system. It is reported that compared with other stores with the same area in Haidilao, the number of service personnel in the smart restaurant has been reduced from 170~180 to 130~150, and the reduced personnel are concentrated in the back kitchen, including the dish washer, the food dispenser, the liquor distributor and the waiting area waiter

the waiter told us that the most labor reduction was in the serving room, where there were originally 15 Jinan experimental machines and 5 kinds of protection and troubleshooting employees, with an average monthly salary of 7000 yuan per person. Now, the side dishes are unmanned, all completed by the robot arm, and the speed is greatly improved. However, he is not worried about unmanned. The characteristic of hairi qiandilao is service, which will never be replaced

Haidilao said that it is still the service personnel who provide services to customers and communicate with customers in the smart restaurant, and the warm and warm care given to customers by waiters will not be replaced by robots, nor will there be much change with the use of automation equipment

after the meal, I feel that the bottom of the pot and the quality of the dishes have not been significantly improved, but the price is a little painful. Public comments show that the per capita consumption of Haidilao ordinary stores is about 110 yuan, while the per capita consumption of Smart City restaurants is 144 yuan. The waiter also admitted that the price was more expensive than the traditional store. It is found that the prices of dishes on the menu of the smart restaurant are consistent with those in traditional stores, and the weight is reduced



there is doubt about the return on investment of the smart restaurant. In the view of the insiders, it is increasingly difficult to recruit stable employees for the repetitive work of preparing and delivering dishes, which has brought great trouble to the catering industry. Analysts believe that Haidilao smart restaurant is exploring to solve the pain points of the catering industry, which are difficult to recruit workers, high cost and difficult to manage

according to the data of Shanghai Qinglang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the production company of haidilaochuan robot, the cost of the robot is 99 yuan per day, with an average of 3000 yuan per month. There is no social security, employee welfare and accommodation expenses, and the robot has no rest all year round. In contrast, it costs at least 6000 yuan a month to hire a waiter in Beijing

Haidilao told that the core of building a smart restaurant is to improve food safety level, reduce food safety risks, optimize staffing and reduce store management costs through the use of new technologies. During the trial operation, they announced that they could save nearly 37% of the labor cost of the kitchen

however, some competitors of Haidilao told the media that Haidilao smart restaurant, at least for now, has more public relations significance than customer experience and operation efficiency. According to several media reports, the investment in a smart store of Haidilao Zhongjun world city is as high as 150million yuan, more than 10 times that of traditional stores. According to the financial report data, the average single store revenue of Haidilao is 30million yuan, with a gross profit margin of 23%. In this regard, accounting professionals believe that the return on investment of Haidilao smart store does not conform to business logic

Haidilao didn't give a positive reply to the investment return of its stores. Instead, it told that based on the maturity of technology and the speed of store expansion, the smart restaurant has both old store renovation and new opening plans. It is expected that Beijing Wangfujing and the first two stores will be opened in 2019. The first smart restaurant overseas is planned to be opened in Singapore. It is currently in the site selection stage

the trend is to use mechanical machines to do catering intelligently

the field experience in Haidilao smart restaurant shows that the number of front-end service personnel and service concept remain unchanged, and the use of equipment greatly reduces the mechanical operation of the back kitchen, that is, the use of mechanical machines to do catering. However, Haidilao emphasizes that we are not an unmanned restaurant. Driven by technology and experience, we have comprehensively upgraded our services to provide customers with better products and comprehensively upgraded dining experience

with the development of new technologies, more and more intelligent technologies are applied to catering scenarios, such as intelligent ordering, unmanned dining tables, unmanned restaurants, etc.,,, and McDonald's have begun to explore intelligent catering. According to the current model, the core of the current smart restaurant solution is to reduce the labor cost, which is mainly divided into two categories:

one is the transformation of the front hall, which is generally fast food and meal, focusing on convenience. Through the transformation of order ordering, self-service dining counter and intelligent cashier system, the number of service personnel in the front hall is reduced and the waiting time of customers is shortened. According to incomplete statistics, about 10% of the businesses in the catering market have realized the intellectualization and informatization of the front office to varying degrees

the other is kitchen renovation. Through intelligent means

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