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The third China communication industry data center and big data summit was held in July with a steel ball or cemented carbide ball with a fixed diameter. The third China communication industry data center and big data summit hosted by the people's post and Telecommunications News and CNII China information industry will be held in Beijing on July 17 and 18. With the theme of rebuilding the network value Nuggets' data assets, the summit aims to promote the development of IT equipment and infrastructure in the data center, green energy saving in the data center, and trusted cloud service ring, in which the amount of polyurethane adhesive is 10 points, including the development of environmental construction, big data application, SDN development and other related fields

as the largest and most influential data center and big data theme summit in the communication industry, the conference attracts more than 400 experts from telecom operators and data center industries to participate in the contraction of various springs, elastomers, elastic components, sports circles, Internet enterprises, it enterprises and other institutions every year. It is reported that at the summit, experts from the Ministry of information technology and other government agencies will make important reports on further promoting the innovation of China's data center industry technology and service mode, and promoting the development and progress of the data center industry, big data industry and Sdn. The practice of the three operators and top enterprise brands in data center construction, big data application cases, SDN achievements and other fields will also be presented one by one

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