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The third the Belt and Road trade fair was held in November to implement the "one belt and one road" strategy. The third Xuzhou trade fair was held in November. 1. During the operation of the experimental machine, there are parts and components that can be loosened with the development of the new material industry supported by the state. The "the Belt and Road" strategy was implemented.

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to connect the national "one belt and one road" strategy, accelerate the internationalization of the construction machinery industry, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the construction machinery industry, To further expand the popularity and influence of Xuzhou as the "capital of construction machinery", the Xuzhou Municipal People's government is scheduled to hold the "Third China (Xuzhou) International Construction Machinery Fair" from November 3 to 5. Compared with previous sessions, this session of the Xujiahui fair also has the characteristics of higher level, newer content and more flexible form

higher level. The "the Belt and Road" international construction machinery Summit Forum and the 8th CIO Summit Forum of China's construction machinery industry were arranged. At that time, national, provincial and municipal leaders and industry authorities will attend; Content update. The dialogue and discussion focused on how the construction machinery industry (2) implements the "the Belt and Road" strategy with high conductivity and how to use big data to promote the marketing reform of construction machinery, so as to make the theme of the conference more focused and prominent; The form is more flexible. This session of the Xu Trade Fair has both keynote speeches and dialogues, as well as both indoor and outdoor activities. With new products, new technologies New achievements as the core content "three new" "The conference will be organized by the exhibitors themselves. The atmosphere on the site will be more active and the effect will be more practical. The matchmaking conference will be placed on the exhibition site for one-on-one negotiation, which will be more convenient for on-site observation and on-site experience. At that time, a number of procurement projects will be signed on the site. At the same time, the on-site no reserve price auction of road earthwork machinery will be held, which can better meet the multi-level procurement needs of large buyers of Guangzhou spring change testing machine

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