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This year, the packaging of moon cakes is quietly blowing a "simple wind"

in previous years, there are many moon cake packaging patterns, such as gift box packaging, boutique packaging, luxury packaging, and so on. Some businesses even launched the sky high price moon cakes of thousands of yuan as a marketing gimmick. This year, the moon cake market is quietly blowing a breeze of simplicity. Although some manufacturers still improve the identity of moon cakes through gift box packaging, high priced moon cakes with a price of more than 700 yuan are rare, and the price of most gift boxes is around 200 yuan

this autumn, the moon cake focuses on the simple route. In the special area of Wal Mart's moon cake gift box, salespeople are introducing products at different prices to the public. There are various kinds of gift boxes with different colors on the counter. Most of them are paper packages. Most of the simple and elegant gift boxes contain 9 or 10 small packages

a moon cake promoter in the supermarket told that with the strengthening of the national efforts to control the excessive packaging of moon cakes, there are fewer and fewer sky high priced moon cakes. This year, the price of gift boxes of moon cakes is mostly 200 yuan or 300 yuan, while the number of gift boxes of moon cakes above 500 yuan has been greatly reduced compared with the past, and the gift boxes of moon cakes are beginning to lose weight

in Dennis supermarket, several consumers lingered in the gift box moon cake area. Which gift box is the most suitable for moon cakes? Zhang Yang, who lives in Beiguan District, wants to buy some boxes of moon cakes as gifts for everyone when he visits relatives and friends on the Mid Autumn Festival

the price of this year's gift box moon cakes is fairly good, and the packaging is also very exquisite. Last year, Zhang Yang bought six boxes of moon cakes before the Mid Autumn Festival in order to give gifts to his leaders. He spent nearly 4000 yuan, equivalent to his two months' salary. Finally, Zhang Yang bought six boxes of moon cakes with a price of 268 yuan. The promoters gave him a 10% discount, and the total consumption was 1608 yuan

according to the interview, this year, the moon cake manufacturers paid more attention to the product quality, without excessive packaging. In terms of sales promotion, more attention is paid to the multi flavor and high quality of moon cakes in the gift box. The overall price is not high, and the sky high price gift box is difficult to see

in the past two years, gift boxes of moon cakes selling tea, red wine and other commodities were everywhere in the market, which was the top priority of many businesses. This year, the phenomenon that Roell korthaus received Amsler as a valuable gift tied to gift boxes of moon cakes has been very rare, and it is difficult for citizens to find matching gift bags

I have transferred to two kostron high-performance plastic stores with an annual production capacity of 400000 tons, and I have not found any gift box moon cakes with built-in goods. Last year, Wangyi, a citizen, spent 488 yuan to buy a box of moon cakes in Wal Mart supermarket. There were 9 small packaged moon cakes in the gift box. In addition, there was a can of tea

Wangyi said that he only wanted to buy a box of moon cakes last year. After listening to the introduction of the promoters, he chose a box of moon cakes with tea inside. It's more expensive, but it looks decent. Wang Yi, who couldn't find any built-in goods, finally bought a box of perfect gift moon cakes worth 398 yuan in Dennis

Li Ran, who lives in the high tech Zone, does not agree with merchants selling gift box moon cakes with built-in commodities. He believes that this kind of tie-in selling of tea, red wine and other commodities is a disguised price increase, which indirectly increases the average annual increase of 11.2% in the price of gift boxes

in Hualian Supermarket, a staff member said that if the machine is equipped with a computer, since the State stipulated that moon cakes should not be over packaged the year before last, most brands in the market have no more than three layers of moon cakes, and the phenomenon of tying expensive gifts has gradually decreased. The whole moon cake packaging has basically changed from the past luxury packaging to simple packaging. The real connotation of the product is the key to attract the attention of consumers

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