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On September 10, Lenovo smart China smart create new value commercial IOT forum was held in Hangzhou, focusing on commercial IOT solutions in the era of intelligent change, building an intelligent IOT ecosystem, promoting new infrastructure and the transformation of old and new drivers of the economy, and discussing and sharing practical experience with industry experts and enterprise representatives

abulimi (AMU), vice president of Lenovo Group and vice president of strategy and business development in China, said at the forum that in recent years, Lenovo has firmly implemented the 3S strategies of smart IOT, smart infrastructure and smart verticals, and has established a new generation of technology architecture of end-to-end cloud intelligence, while promoting its intelligent transformation, Form unique technical and service advantages. Lenovo hopes to pass the rise intelligent ecological service strategy of MFR, work together with ecological partners to promote the intelligent upgrading of the industry and jointly build a smart China

on the same day, yuan CHENGMAO, member of the Party group and vice chairman of Zhejiang Federation of industry and commerce, Chen Fusheng, the rotating president of Zhejiang merchants Promotion Association, and relevant principals of Alibaba cloud, hailide, Guosen Securities and other enterprises were invited to attend the forum. Chen Fusheng said that in the face of the new era, it is urgent to upgrade enterprise intelligence. Accelerating the development speed of industry intelligence and the large-scale application of new technologies are becoming urgent problems to be solved. He hoped that Lenovo and Zhejiang enterprises would work together to accelerate the process of intelligent transformation

at the forum, Lenovo also established a digital leading alliance with Zhejiang University, which can not only ensure the ecological cooperation of crop yield, but also yuan Shuxin, general manager of Lenovo southeast region, said that it will continue to deepen cooperation with Zhejiang enterprises, build an intelligent ecosystem, and serve the development of Zhejiang digital economy

service more than 65% of large and medium-sized Zhejiang enterprises

Lenovo assisted in the intelligent upgrading of Zhejiang in an all-round way

at the forum, Amu introduced Lenovo and the recently launched rise intelligent service ecological strategy to the guests, partners and friends

amu said that Lenovo has always maintained close cooperation with Zhejiang enterprises. In Zhejiang, we have served more than 65% of medium and large enterprises and a large number of small and micro enterprises. This service is not only a device service, but also an intelligent service based on solutions. At the same time, we have established all-round ecological cooperation with many enterprises in Zhejiang. He said that in the future, the services provided by Lenovo to Zhejiang enterprises will focus more on Intelligent upgrading, driving business model innovation and cost reduction and efficiency improvement

according to the introduction, Lenovo launched the rise intelligent service ecological strategy in July this year. Relying on the new generation technology architecture of end-to-end cloud intelligence and the intelligent service ecological alliance, Lenovo can meet the needs of intelligent upgrading of customers in various fields through four types of services, including equipment services, intelligent operation and maintenance services, intelligent solutions, and intelligent full-cycle services

in combination with the technologies stored in artificial intelligence, big data, IOT and other fields for many years, as well as the intelligent transformation experience of Lenovo itself and its enabling customers, rise intelligent service ecological strategy currently focuses on the 6+ fields of smart city, smart education, smart agriculture, smart commerce, smart energy and smart manufacturing

amu said at the forum that Lenovo has been committed to promoting China's industrial progress, livelihood improvement and social development for more than 30 years; In the era of intelligent transformation, Lenovo has established a new vision of Lenovo smart China in China, committed to becoming China's leading intelligent service provider, helping more industries achieve intelligent transformation and upgrading, and promoting the transformation of new and old drivers of China's economy

at the forum, Lenovo established ecological cooperation with the digital leader alliance of Zhejiang University to jointly study the application of new technologies such as 5g, IOT, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. to serve the digital transformation of Zhejiang enterprises. Lenovo will conduct in-depth exchanges, communication and ecological cooperation with the digital leader alliance of Zhejiang University in the fields of industrial manufacturing 4.0 and new energy vehicle manufacturing related industries, it system architecture and related hardware integration of digital alliance enterprises, and commercialization of IT systems

yuan Shuxin said that the two sides will actively give play to their extensive advantages in networking, services and other aspects, and maintain good cooperation in digitalization, new infrastructure, technological innovation and other aspects. Lenovo will further promote the implementation of rise intelligent service strategy in Zhejiang, help Zhejiang enterprises and industries to upgrade intelligently, actively expand overseas business, and achieve common creation and win-win results

Lenovo commercial IOT covers three major data fields

more than 30 industry scenarios

Wang Lei, general manager of Lenovo Solutions Center, introduced the layout of Lenovo commercial IOT business at the forum and said that Lenovo has developed a comprehensive product series covering six product lines of three families of data collection, transmission and processing, forming a rich portfolio of intelligent commercial IOT devices

for example, the data acquisition end has sensors based on machine vision, the transmission end has intelligent IOT, and the processing end has embedded computing devices. He said. These sensitive, uniform and high-precision temperature measuring devices can meet the application environment of -60 ℃ to 60 ℃. Lenovo can provide not only ICT equipment, but also automatic computing equipment for manufacturing

it is reported that Lenovo's commercial IOT edge computing solutions have been applied in more than 30 industrial application scenarios, including manufacturing, retail, energy, transportation, medical treatment and parks, and have established a complete ecological panorama of Lenovo's commercial edge computing solutions

since last year, Lenovo has helped more than 100 industrial and commercial enterprises across the country to complete multi scenario IOT applications. In Zhejiang, Lenovo has helped a number of enterprises such as Zhejiang zhongkong and Hangzhou enske to carry out intelligent transformation and upgrading. Lenovo intelligent service business is also providing it operation and maintenance and other intelligent services for giant enterprises such as Alibaba and Hikvision

it is reported that after applying Lenovo's commercial IOT solution, Hangzhou enske Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has effectively solved the problems of inconsistent platform environment of customer factory information system and low efficiency of industrial integrated machine, and realized real-time monitoring of production process, greatly improving production efficiency

participants shared their experience in intelligent upgrading

reached a consensus on extensive cooperation

at the forum, Chen Fusheng pointed out that the rapid development of 5g, IOT, artificial intelligence, etc. is rapidly boosting all industries from informatization, but unlike wood and treated wood, to a new stage of industrial intelligence of smart everything. He said that Lenovo and the Zhejiang merchants Promotion Association jointly held the smart China Hangzhou station Summit Forum at the right time. Through the forum, we discussed the new path of intelligent transformation of industries and enterprises, hoping to find future oriented intelligent upgrading solutions for traditional enterprises and help private enterprises develop

general manager of Alibaba cloud intelligent IOT shared a speech on "key infrastructure of enterprise digitalization" at the forum. He said that IOT is the base of production factors and the main source of digital assets for the digital transformation of governments and enterprises. Lenovo + Alibaba cloud IOT has been deployed in the fields of charging piles, site management, insensitive attendance, space security and other fields, and has established a nationwide service system

Zha Xuefeng, information director of Zhejiang hailide new materials Co., Ltd., said at the forum that reducing costs and increasing efficiency and shortening the delivery cycle have become one of the key demands of traditional enterprises to improve their core competitiveness in the future. With the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between Lenovo and the digital leader Alliance of Zhejiang University, hailide will actively build ecological cooperation with Lenovo in the field of traditional enterprise informatization transformation, Jointly help traditional enterprises transform and upgrade

at the forum, the participants agreed that the Lenovo smart China event has built a platform for mutual exchange and communication, and promoted a broad consensus on the upgrading of industry intelligence. They hoped that through this event, a broader partnership could be established to form an overall thrust for the upgrading of industry intelligence

according to the introduction, Lenovo smart China travel is a series of activities held by Lenovo to promote the intelligent upgrading of China's industry. On the intelligent problems in the fields of commercial IOT, smart city, smart education, smart agriculture, smart commerce and so on, it will jointly exchange and discuss with government departments, industry experts and scholars to find future oriented solutions

during the forum, as a landmark action of Lenovo smart China Series interaction, Lenovo smart China large screen was lit up in the Guoda business district in the center of Hangzhou

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