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Lenovo responded to moto's folding screen query, "what if I make it?"

recently, Sina Weibo reprinted a rendered video about moto Raza folding screen, saying that "moto Razr series is very classic. If you can really make it look like in the video, I believe many people are willing to try. But now you can only have a good time." In this video, based on the previously disclosed moto Raza replica design drawings, the details are shown in great detail

we can see that this film reproduces the classic appearance design of Raza series. When folding, you can use the sub screen to view the time information. After expanding through the rotating shaft, the collapsible screen extends directly from top to bottom to the lower border. Folded small and portable, the ultra-thin body is very bright to meet the needs of China, which always produces error eyes. It can be said to be the most ideal folding screen design at present

this Weibo of sina attracted friends' roast. One friend said, "don't worry, Lenovo can't get such a Motorola". Unexpectedly, Lenovo officials responded, saying, "what if I do it?". Is this wave of operation official propaganda

for folding screen, major manufacturers have different directions. For example, Samsung and Xiaomi, which have been shown at present, are all expanding the current full-scale screen into a "flat panel" product with a larger screen, while moto will fold it into a smaller size. In other words, since there are design Exposure pictures, rendered videos, and Lenovo's official "certificate of low concentration of other oxidation products and hydrogen cyanide", it is unlikely to be groundless. So do users prefer to have a "folding tablet" or a smaller "folding"

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