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Lenovo laser printer wants to set a new benchmark for home printing

the survey data shows that the sales volume of printers is growing at an average rate of nearly 8%, of which the consumption of home users has become the main driving force of sales growth. In the printer consumer market, laser printers have become the first choice for many families to buy Printers because of their advantages of exquisite printing quality, high output efficiency, low printing cost and good after-sales service

as the leading printer brand in China, Lenovo printer takes the lead in the home market, and has launched a series of three good home laser printers with good quality, cost and service, such as lj1680 home version/Lenovo lj2200l/Lenovo m7205/Lenovo m7250. Insiders said, "Lenovo's three good standards not only herald a new era for home printers, but also indicate that China's home beating industry has officially established a unified standard, and Lenovo has officially become a new benchmark for the home beating industry

vigorously promote the "three good" family and hit a new benchmark in the industry

as an advocate of household laser printers, Lenovo first promoted the "three good" standard; As the maker and practitioner of the three good standards, Lenovo will unswervingly promote the three good printers with good quality, cost and service. The "three good" promoted by Lenovo is one of the three standards concerned by home printer users. When many home users are plagued by problems such as plug, high printing cost and poor after-sales service, Lenovo's series of home printers appear from time to time and solve these problems

plug problem is the first problem that puzzles the majority of users. 6. Effective stretching distance: 0 ~ 700mm, which is encountered by many users who have used inkjet printers. When I don't use it every few days, I find that the ink has dried up when I need to print. Either I can't print it at all, or the printed documents are very rough and mixed with many white stripes, which seriously affects the printing effect. Lenovo home laser printers use dry toner, and there is no phenomenon of dry ink plug, which fundamentally eliminates the occurrence of plug, which ensures the printing quality. When in use, there will never be the phenomenon that the ink cannot be printed out or the white bar will not appear due to the drying up of the ink

Lenovo has not only greatly improved its technology, solved one of the biggest problems of traditional printers, but also made it absolutely friendly to the people in terms of price. Lenovo printer has an absolute advantage in similar products in terms of initial purchase price and later use cost. The original selenium drum equipped with the machine has a capacity of 12000 pages, which greatly reduces the printing cost of users. The random toner capacity has also reached 1500/2600 pages, so the printing cost of a single page is only 0.173 yuan, which reduces the overall printing cost by half and greatly saves the printing cost. Compared with Lenovo home laser printers, the longer service life and the lower single sheet printing cost have made Lenovo home laser printers more competitive. If you add the cost of each repair of inkjet printing products, its cost performance ratio is much lower than Lenovo laser printers

in terms of after-sales service, Lenovo home laser printer also occupies an absolute advantage. It not only has absolute quality assurance, but also has launched a three-year free service in 100 cities nationwide, so that users can print for three years without worry, saving the need to improve the layout of ports in the province; Speeding up the construction of the West Ring high-speed railway not only makes it difficult for consumers to run back and forth to the maintenance points, but also saves consumers a lot of later use costs, which is unparalleled by other brands of printers

pay attention to users, Lenovo has become a leader in the family beating industry

it has to be said that the three good standards launched by Lenovo for home laser printers are undoubtedly a milestone in the history of home printer development, and are the printer products that can best meet users' demand for good quality, good price and good service. It can be said that Lenovo's home laser printer, which integrates three advantages, will bring users a better, cheaper and more intimate feeling of worry free printing. The ability to provide users with such intimate products is not only related to Lenovo's long-term accumulation in the field of technology, but also closely related to Lenovo's long-term attention to the printing needs of home users

for users with home printing needs, it is mainly to print a large number of black-and-white documents, and the utilization rate of color printing is very low for them. Their requirements for printers are nothing more than low printing cost. 4. Good printing quality when replacing parts and tools. Having observed these needs of users, Lenovo printer has customized a series of low-cost and high-quality printers for home users. The price of less than 1000 yuan is absolutely close to the people, and there is no need to replace consumables even after three years of continuous use, which saves users a lot of later use costs. In terms of quality, Lenovo black-and-white laser printer has solved the unavoidable problems of plug and poor printing quality of inkjet printers, which has brought good news to users who have been troubled by these problems, and Lenovo has naturally become a leader in the printer industry

the concept of "three good printers, worry free for three years" reflects Lenovo's attention to home users and satisfaction of their needs. From the perspective of consumers, Lenovo not only seized the market, but also created a new era of home laser printers. In the future, Lenovo will inherit its unique advantages in the field of household laser printer technology, continue to promote the improvement and popularization of laser printer technology, and become an undisputed new benchmark in the industry

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