The hottest Lenovo laptop uses DuPont high-perform

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Lenovo notebook adopts DuPont high-performance materials

"high performance materials provide customers with excellent experience" - DuPont promotes innovation activities and realizes the fundamental driving force of common growth and win-win cooperation with the industry, customers and energy market

DuPont ™ Zytel ® Rshtn is a high-performance polyamide product launched for the mobile consumer electronics market. This product provides designers of mobile handheld devices with greater design freedom, and creates convenient conditions for continuously improving the appearance, touch and performance of products and reducing the environmental footprint

DuPont ™ Zytel ® Rshtn is a high-performance polyamide product based on renewable resources. It can be used to manufacture the shell of handheld devices, so that the shell products have the characteristics of thinner, lighter, better durability, longer service life, simpler production process and so on. From the perspective of processing, in order to continue Corvette's legend outside the broad product line, due to Zytel ® HTN grade has excellent fluidity and dimensional stability. It also helps to save energy, cost and time. In addition, DuPont also supplies a halogen-free flame retardant product that meets the requirements of the waste electrical and electronic products recycling plan. Other special grades also include products suitable for high-temperature circuit board assembly, and even circuit board assembly using lead-free solders that are easy to operate. From an aesthetic point of view, Zytel ® HTN/Zytel ® Rshtn can provide excellent surface quality and appearance effect, and it is easy to carry out coloring treatment

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zytel ® Fr95g25v0nh is a new generation halogen-free flame retardant glass fiber reinforced polyamide. It has high temperature resistance (RTI relative temperature index ul746=160oc), industry-leading high leakage tracking index (CTI), flammability of tight thickness, excellent surface finish, high fluidity, and can effectively avoid mold deposition. Among DuPont's high-performance polymer portfolio and polyamide brand products, this product has the highest RTI value

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