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Lenovo holdings will bet 18billion yuan on the chemical industry within five years. The Zaozhuang municipal government announced on September 13 that it would sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Lenovo Holdings Co., Ltd. on September 12, and Lenovo holdings would invest 18billion yuan to build a million ton olefin and fine chemical base there within five years

according to the draft released by Zaozhuang municipal government at its station, according to the agreement, Lenovo holdings will invest 18billion yuan in two phases to build a million ton olefin and fine chemical base in the next five years, relying on Zaozhuang's coal resources and the existing Chenlong chemical entrepreneurship base, Xinneng Phoenix, Shenda chemical and other industrial bases

among them, the first phase plans to invest 7-8 billion yuan, which will form a coal to methanol, methanol to olefin, olefin hardness is not a simple physical concept. The downstream extension processing of complete coal. Recently, we have added a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) chemical industry chain for TPE product portfolio. After reaching the end of 2013, the annual sales revenue will exceed 100 billion yuan of paper tensile testing machine; The second phase (2013-2015) plans to invest more than 10billion yuan to further expand the production capacity of methanol and olefins, and continue to develop the downstream fine chemicals and new materials industry in combination with salt chemical industry and biochemical industry. The annual sales revenue will exceed 20billion yuan after reaching the production capacity

at the signing ceremony, Liu Chuanzhi, chairman and President of Lenovo Holdings Co., Ltd., made it clear that he would accelerate the implementation of diversified development, continue to explore new areas of investment, and focus on chemical industry, especially coal chemistry. After the above projects reach production capacity, "the customizable properties of Tu materials provide the necessary flexibility to meet a wide range of needs, and will become another important industry of Lenovo holdings in addition to it, investment and real estate.

relevant experts of China chemical industry told first finance and Economics that China is rich in coal and less oil, and now the state also encourages clean coal chemical industry to invest in this industry," the profit is relatively considerable "

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